Working with SPOC

Postdoctoral position in Statistical Physics of Machine Learning

If you are interested to apply for a postdoc position in the Statistical Physics of Computation Laboratory contact directly Lenka Zdeborová ([email protected]). 

We also encourage you to apply for the AI4Science@EPFL fellowship (next deadline 31st October 2022) and indicate your interest to work (among others) with our lab. 

PhD applications

Students interested to follow a PhD in the SPOC laboratory:

  • Students with computer science background or related are invited to apply to the computer science doctoral program at EPFL Students admitted as EDIC fellows are invited to contact me to discuss possible semester projects.
  • Students with a physics background are encouraged to contact me for a master’s internship before applying for a PhD. 

All PhD candidates are welcome to follow the lecture Statistical Physics for Optimization and Learning in order to get a better idea of the type of research and current directions investigated in our laboratory.

Master student projects

EPFL students: SPOC has every year several positions for TPIV, and specialization semesters, usually linked to the lecture Statistical Physics of Computation. Master projects for students from physics, computer science, and possibly other sections are usually available. Contact us directly with your statement of interest, CV and most recent transcript.  

Students external to EPFL: We are considering master internship applications from strongly motivated students interested to pursue their PhD in the field. Contact us directly with your statement of interest, CV and your most recent transcript.