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NeuroMechFly 2.0, a framework for simulating embodied sensorimotor control in adult Drosophila.

Wang-Chen S, Stimpfling VA, Özdil PG, Genoud L, Hurtak F, Ramdya P.
bioRxiv, under peer-review


Networks of descending neurons transform command-like signals into population-based behavioral control.

Braun J, Hurtak, F, Wang-Chen S, Ramdya P.
bioRxiv, under peer-review


The neuromechanics of animal locomotion: from biology to robotics and back.

Ramdya P and Ijspeert AJ.
Science Robotics
Review article


Ascending neurons convey behavioral state to integrative sensory and action selection brain regions.

Chen C-L, Aymanns F, Minegishi R, Matsuda V, Talabot N, Günel S, Dickson BJ, Ramdya P.
Nature Neuroscience



Descending neuron population dynamics during odor-evoked and spontaneous limb-dependent behaviors.

Aymanns F, Chen C-L, Ramdya P.


Microengineered devices enable long-term imaging of the ventral nerve cord in behaving adult Drosophila.

Hermans L*, Kaynak M*, Braun J, Lobato-Ríos V, Chen C-L, Friedberg A, Günel S, Aymanns F, Sakar MS, Ramdya P.
Nature Communications


NeuroMechFly, a neuromechanical model of adult Drosophila melanogaster.

Lobato Ríos V, Ramalingasetty ST*, Özdil GP*, Arreguit J, Ijspeert A, Ramdya P.
Nature Methods


Connecting the dots in ethology: applying network theory to understand neural and animal collectives.

Gosztolai A & Ramdya P.
Current Opinion in Neurobiology
Review article


Overcoming the Domain Gap in Neural Action Representations.

Günel S, Aymanns F, Honari S, Ramdya P, Fua P.
International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV)


LiftPose3D, a deep learning-based approach for transforming 2D to 3D pose in laboratory animals.

Gosztolai A*, Gunel S*, Lobato-Ríos V, Abrate MP, Morale D, Rhodin H, Fua P, Ramdya P.
Nature Methods


Patterned cell death sculpts functional and adaptive neural networks in flies.

Pop S, Chen C-L, Sproston CJ, Kondo S, Ramdya P, Williams DW.


Deformation-aware Unpaired Image Translation for Pose Estimation on Laboratory Animals.

Siyuan Li, Semih Günel, Mirela Ostrek, Pavan Ramdya, Pascal Fua, and Helge Rhodin.


DeepFly3D, A deep learning-based approach for 3D limb and appendage tracking in tethered, adult Drosophila.

Günel S, Rhodin H, Morales D, Campagnolo J, Ramdya P*, Fua P*.


Serotonergic modulation of walking in Drosophila.

Howard C, Chen C-L, Tabachnik T, Hormigo R, Ramdya P, Mann RS.
Current Biology


Imaging neural activity in the ventral nerve cord of behaving adult Drosophila.

Chen C-L*, Hermans L*, Viswanathan MC, Fortun D, Aymanns F, Unser M, Cammarato A, Dickinson MH, Ramdya P.
Nature Communications


Climbing favors the tripod gait over alternative faster insect gaits.

Ramdya P*, Thandiackal R*, Cherney R, Asselborn T, Benton R, Ijspeert AJ, Floreano D.
Nature Communications


FlyLimbTracker: an active contour based approach for leg segment tracking in unmarked, freely behaving Drosophila.

Uhlmann V*, Ramdya P*, Delgado-Gonzalo R, Benton R, Unser M.
PLoS One


The neurogenetics of group behavior in Drosophila melanogaster.

Ramdya P*, Schneider J* & Levine JD*.
Journal of Experimental Biology


Fluctuation-Driven Neural Dynamics
Reproduce Drosophila Locomotor Patterns

Maesani A*, Ramdya P*, Cruchet S, Gustafson K, Benton R & Floreano D.
PLoS Computational Biology


Mechanosensory interactions drive collective behavior in Drosophila.

Ramdya P, Lichocki P, Cruchet S, Frisch L, Tse W, Floreano D & Benton R.