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About Power Electronics Laboratory

The research interests of the Power Electronics Laboratory are in the broad area of Electrical Energy Generation, Conversion, and Storage. In particular, we are interested in High Power Electronics Technologies for Medium Voltage applications, those operating with voltages in the kV range, currents in the kA range, and powers in the MW range. Power Electronics is one of the critical enabling technologies for future energy systems, as it offers unprecedented flexibility for the integration and control of various electrical sources, storage elements, or loads into the grid. This is equally valid for the present-day AC grids and emerging concepts of DC grids, or an inevitable mix of both soon.

To achieve controllable, reliable, and efficient electrical energy conversion utilizing advanced power electronic converters, we optimally use, but also influence and drive forward, advancements in different areas. These multidisciplinary considerations include power semiconductors (e.g. Si, SiC, GaN), passive components (e.g. magnetics), insulation materials, mathematical modeling, simulations and optimization of power electronic systems, advanced control methods, etc.

Upcoming Events

IPEMC 2024 – ECCE Asia, May 17 – 20, 2024, Chengdu, China

Mr. Renan Pillon Barcelos will present a paper: “Static and Dynamic Voltage Balancing for an IGCT-Based Resonant DC Transformer”.

Dr. Rui Wang will present a paper: “A Dual-Channel Gate Driver Design with Active Voltage Balancing Circuit for Series Connection of SiC MOSFETs”.

Mr. Tianyu Wei will present a paper: “Ripple Voltage and Loss Reduction of Single-Phase ISOP SST by Eliminating the Second Harmonic Current in LLC Converter”.

PCIM Europe 2024, June 11 – 13, 2024, Nürnberg, Germany

Mr. Renan Pillon Barcelos will present a paper: “Voltage Balancing of a Split-Capacitor IGCT 3L-NPC Leg for the Resonant DC Transformer”.

Mr. Stefan Subotic will present a paper: “Comparative Analysis of Unidirectional High Step-Up Converters for Medium Voltage Applications”.

Mr. Max Dupont will present a paper: “Protection and Control of a Dual MMC Medium Voltage Supply”.

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