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About Power Electronics Laboratory

The research interests of the Power Electronics Laboratory are in the broad area of Electrical Energy Generation, Conversion, and Storage. In particular, we are interested in High Power Electronics Technologies for Medium Voltage applications, those operating with voltages in the kV range, currents in the kA range, and powers in the MW range. Power Electronics is one of the key enabling technologies for future energy systems, as it offers unprecedented flexibility for the integration and control of various electrical sources, storage elements, or loads into the grid. This is equally valid for the present-day AC grids as well as for emerging concepts of DC grids, or an inevitable mix of both in the near future.

To achieve controllable, reliable, and efficient electrical energy conversion by means of advanced power electronic converters, we optimally use, but also influence and drive forward, advancements in different areas. These multidisciplinary considerations include power semiconductors (e.g. Si, SiC, GaN), passive components (e.g. magnetics), insulation materials, mathematical modeling, simulations and optimization of power electronic systems, advanced control methods, etc.

Upcoming Events

PCIM Europe, May 9 – 11, 2023, Nürnberg, Germany

Mr. Jules Mace will present a paper: “DC transformer impact on voltage dynamics in hybrid AC/DC power distribution networks”.

Dr. Andrea Cervone will present a paper: “Coupling dynamics of second-order harmonic active filters in single-phase input-series/output-parallel AC/DC converters”.

Mr. Renan Pillon Barcelos will present a paper: “Parallel operation of direct current transformers”.

ICPE 2023 – ECCE Asia, May 22 – 25, 2023, Jeju, Korea

Dr. Chengmin Li will present a paper: “Crosstalk voltage suppression of SiC MOSFET with an auxiliary bidirectional switch”.

Mr. Renan Pillon Barcelos will present a paper: “On features of direct current transformers”.

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