Andrea Ablasser. Credit: EPFL

Andrea Ablasser awarded the Cloëtta Prize 2024

— Professor Andrea Ablasser at EPFL’s School of Life Sciences is one of the two awardees of the 2024 Cloëtta Prize.

Andrea Ablasser. Credit: EPFL

Andrea Ablasser receives NOMIS Award

— Professor Andrea Ablasser at the EPFL School of Life Sciences has been honored with the prestigious NOMIS Distinguished Scientist and Scholar Award for 2024. The Award recognizes her groundbreaking contributions to the field of innate immunity and her significant impact on scientific research.

Alona's movements tracked by the SuperAnimal model © Kaosmovies / EPFL 2024

Unifying behavioral analysis through animal foundation models

— Behavioral analysis can provide a lot of information about the health status or motivations of a living being. A new technology developed at EPFL makes it possible for a single deep learning model to detect animal motion across many species and environments. This “foundational model”, called SuperAnimal, can be used for animal conservation, biomedicine, and neuroscience research.

© 2024 EPFL CC-BY-SA 4.0

Mapping the biology of spinal cord injury in unprecedented detail

— Combining advanced molecular mapping technologies and AI, researchers have published an open-source ‘atlas’ in Nature, providing a comprehensive understanding of spinal cord injury biology in mice and paving the way for new therapies.

© EPFL/iStock

Building a blueprint of metabolic health – from mouse to human

— In a new study, EPFL scientists have uncovered the complex genetic and environmental interactions influencing metabolic health and have validated their findings in actual human data.