Available Projects 2019

IoT platform for personalized healthcare devices

The goal of this project is to develop an IoT platform that works as a sensor node that continuously collects physiological information. Established biochemical sensors are implemented as the sensing element, outputting electrical signals that are proportional to biomarkers’ concentrations. The IoT platform incorporates:

1. The sensors with readout circuit that provides an output signal;

2. Microcontroller (STM32L4 series)

3a. Compact narrowband IoT module (BC66 and antenna). In this case the MCU processes and sends the data to the IoT module, a reader modem connected to the computer, python code for retrieving the data is available.

3b. NFC sensor interface tag (AS3955 and antenna). In this case the MCU sends data through NFC tag to an Android APP. Java code of the first version of the APP is available; the corresponding code for MCU is also available, but needs upgrade.

Project requirements: Broad interest in biochemical sensing applications, mastering microcontroller programming, mastering Android APP development, knowledge of Python. There is the possibility to break down the project into two parts.

Main tasks: Optimize MCU power consumption, implement data processing algorithm on MCU, upgrade Android app for NFC tag reading.

Starting date:  April 2019

Recommended type of project:  Internship.

Work breakdown:  40% microcontroller programming, 40% android APP development, 20% algorithm implementation.

Contact person:  [email protected]

Next generation energy storage for mobile devices

The goal of this project is to develop a technology that enables high energy and ultra fast charging supercapacitors that combine the high energy storage capability of batteries with the high power delivery capability of capacitors to enable the next generation of energy storage devices.

Today, energy storage is one of the major bottlenecks of technological development. While the demand in electronic devices has increased a thousand fold in the last 20 years, the batteries energy density has only tripled, creating a huge market opportunity for improved solutions.

In this project the student will combine microfabrication, electrochemistry, material science and electronics to contribute to the development of a high performance supercapacitor that has the potential to revolutionize the way we charge our electronic devices in the future. The aim is to achieve a proof of concept and contribute to the development of the core technology of a potential start-up company.

Project requirements: Broad interest in nanotechnology and electronic devices, microelectronics/microfabrication knowledge.

Main tasks: Optimize supercapacitor design beyond the state-of-art, microfabrication of the devices and electrical characterization.

Starting date:  March 2019

Recommended type of project:  Master project, internship.

Work breakdown:  10% theory, 70% fabrication, 20% characterization.

Contact person:  [email protected]