Student Projects

Microwaves and Antennas Group (MAG) offers three types of projects for students of Electrical Engineering at EPFL:

• Bachelor Semester Project – 8 credits
• Master Semester Project – 10 credits
• Master Thesis Project – 30 credits

More detailed information regarding the student project can be found in the School of Engineering website.

Currently the proposed student projects for the academic year 2023/2024 are listed below, in the corresponding sections. The list of projects is regularly updated. The scope of the project can be adapted to be suitable for a different type (semester, thesis), depending on the topic. All interested students are welcome to contact the person in charge for more information.

Semester projects

Students must contact the Professor in charge of the laboratory and get his approval before registering for the given project on ISA. 

Master thesis projects

Master Projects are started once the complete master program is finished and all the credits have been obtained. Students must have the approval of an EPFL professor or MER as supervisor before registering for the given project on ISA.