mm-waves antennas

Modern telecommunication are more and more based on wireless links, from cellular communication to satellite over IoT and sensor networks. This leads to a huge demand of increase in capacity which cannot be delivered by using the traditional frequency bands. As a consequence, millimeter wave bands as the Ka band, 38GHz band for 5G, 60GHz, E band and above become more and more interesting also for wireless communication applications. This means also an increasing request for performant antennas in those frequency bands.
In this frame, we are studying millimeter wave antennas very diverse applications. The idea is to design antennas showing good performance-cost characteristics, by using novel technologies as for instance 3-D printing, or hybrid beam forming networks.
More specifically, we are interested in antennas were the best compromise between simplicity and performances are looked for specific applications. The latter range from 5G pico-cell antennas to 5G handheld antennas over satcom on the move antennas.