Master & Semester Projects

Project Proposals

The available projects revolve around environmental adaptation of microbial communities on population and molecular scales. The main aim is to determine ecosystem tolerance and adaptation potential to warming and identify keystone species that impact robustness and resilience of cryosphere microbiomes.

Bioinformatics based project:

Composition and function of crysphere microbiomes

This project will involve analysing in-house and publicly available metagenomes to determine their taxonomic compositions and functions and identify global genomic features of cryo-microbiomes. This would be followed up with a meta-annalysis to determine trends, patterns, and emergent qualities of microbiomes across different cryosphere environments.

Laboratory based project:

Molecular adaptation strategies of alpine snow microorganisms to warming

This project will involve isolation of alpine snow microbial members, followed by genomic analysis to determine their metabolic potential in cold and warming adaptation. This will be complemented with cultivation if isolates at a gradient of temperatures and isolation of their RNA/proteins to determine the molecular changes triggered by changes in temperature. This work will be used to asses the thermal tolerances of cryospheric microorganisms. This project will also include an bioinformatic and analysis component, but will heavily rely on initial lab-work. Depending on the preference of the student, there is also an option to incorporate filed work into the project. 

Completed Master Projects


Microfluidic device for specific detection of pathogens

Mattia Lazzaroni
In conjunction with bNovate Technologies SA