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Touchette, D., Maggiori, C., Altshuler, I., Tettenborn, A., Bourdages, L.J., Magnuson, E., Blenner-Hassett, O., Raymond-Bouchard, I., Ellery, A. and Whyte, L.G., 2023. Microbial Characterization of Arctic Glacial Ice Cores with a Semiautomated Life Detection SystemAstrobiology.

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Raymond-Bouchard, I., Tremblay, J., Altshuler I., Greer, C.W., Whyte, L.G. 2018. Comparative transcriptomics of cold growth and adaptive features of a eury-and steno-psychrophile. Frontiers in Microbiology, 9, 1565.

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Raymond‐Bouchard, I., Chourey, K., Altshuler, I., Iyer, R., Hettich, R. L., Whyte, L. G. 2017. Mechanisms of subzero growth in the cryophile Planococcus halocryophilus determined through proteomic analysis. Environmental Microbiology, 19(11), 4460-4479.

Other Publications

Park, S., Jung, D., Altshuler, I., Kruban, D., Dufour, S. and Ronholm, J., 2022. A longitudinal census of the bacterial community in raw milk correlated with Staphylococcus aureus clinical mastitis infections in dairy cattle. Animal Microbiome4(1), p.59.

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Book Chapters

Marcolefas E., Altshuler I., Whyte L.G. 2019. Advanced microbial cultivation methodologies and their applicability in cryoenvironments. In: Yergeau, Étienne, ed. Advanced Techniques for Studying Microorganisms in Extreme Environments. Pages 1-21. Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG, Germany.

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