Journal Articles



Hydrogel-based milliwell arrays for standardized and scalable retinal organoid cultures

S. Decembrini, S. Hoehnel, N. Brandenberg, Y. Arsenijevic & M. P. Lutolf

Scientific Reports

In vitro endoderm emergence andself-organisation in the absence of extraembryonic tissues and embryonic architecture

S. Vianello & M. P. Lutolf


The Effect of Thiol Structure on Allyl Sulfide Photodegradable Hydrogels and their Application as a Degradable Scaffold for Organoid Passaging

F. M. Yavitt, T. E. Brown, E. A. Hushka, M. E. Brown, N. Gjorevski, P. J. Dempsey, M. P. Lutolf & K. S. Anseth

Advanced Materials

High-throughput automated organoid culture via stem-cell aggregation in microcavity arrays

N. Brandenberg, S. Hoehnel, F. Kuttler, K. Homicsko, C. Ceroni, T. Ringel, N, Gjorevski, G. Schwank, G. Coukos, G. Turcatti & M. P. Lutolf.

Nature Biomedical Engineering

Low-Defect Thiol-Michael Addition Hydrogels as Matrigel
Substitutes for Epithelial Organoid Derivation

S. Rezakhani, N. Gjorevski & M. P. Lutolf

Advanced Functional Materials

Morphogenesis Guided by 3D Patterning of Growth Factors in Biological Matrices

N. Broguiere, I. Lüchtefeld, L. Trachsel, D. Mazunin, R. Rizzo, J. W. Bode, M. P. Lutolf & M. Zenobi-Wong

Advanced Materials

Smart Hydrogels for the Augmentation of Bone Regeneration by Endogenous Mesenchymal Progenitor Cell Recruitment.

P. S. Lienemann, Q. Vallmajo-Martin, P. Papageorgiou, U. Blache, S. Metzger, A. S. Kiveliö, V. Milleret, A. Sala, S. Hoehnel, A. Roch, R. Reuten, M. Koch, O. Naveiras, F. E. Weber, W. Weber, M. P. Lutolf & M. Ehrbar

Advanced Science

Antiangiogenic immunotherapy suppresses desmoplastic and chemoresistant intestinal tumors in mice.

S. Ragusa, B. Prat-Luri, A. González-Loyola, S. Nassiri, M. L. Squadrito, A. Guichard, S. Cavin, N. Gjorevski, D. Barras, G. Marra, M. P. Lutolf, J. Perentes, E. Corse, R. Bianchi, L. Wetterwald, J. Kim, G. Oliver, M. Delorenzi, M. De Palma & T. V. Petrova

The Journal of Clinical Investigation


Synthetic 3D PEG-Anisogel Tailored with Fibronectin Fragments Induce Aligned Nerve Extension.

C. Licht, J. C. Rose, A. O. Anarkoli, D. Blondel, M. Roccio, T. Haraszti, D. B. Gehlen, J. A. Hubbell, M. P. Lutolf & L. De Laporte


High-throughput stem cell-based phenotypic screening through microniches

L. Kolb, S. Allazetta, M. Karlsson, M. Girgin, W. Weber & M. P. Lutolf

Biomaterials Science

Engineered signaling centers for the spatially controlled patterning of human pluripotent stem cells

A. Manfrin, Y. Tabata, E. R. Paquet, A. R. Vuaridel, F. R. Rivest, F. Naef & M. P. Lutolf

Nature Methods

Engineering Stem Cell Self-organization to Build Better Organoids.

J. A. Brassard, M. P. Lutolf

Cell Stem Cell

Bioinspired Hydrogels for 3D Organoid Culture

D. Blondel & M. P. Lutolf

CHIMIA International Journal for Chemistry, PDF

The NAD-Booster Nicotinamide Riboside Potently Stimulates Hematopoiesis through Increased Mitochondrial Clearance

N. Vannini, V. Campos, M. Girotra, V. Trachsel, S. Rojas-Sutterlin, J. Tratwal, S. Ragusa, E. Stefanidis, D.Ryu, P. Y. Rainer, G. Nikitin, S. Giger, T. Y. Li, A. Semilietof, A. Oggier, Y. Yersin, L. Tauzin, E. Pirinen, W.-C. Cheng, J. Ratajczak, C. Canto, M. Ehrbar, F. Sizzano, T. V. Petrova, D. Vanhecke, L. Zhang, P. Romero, A. Nahimana, S. Cherix, M. A. Duchosal, P.-C. Ho, B. Deplancke, G. Coukos, J. Auwerx, M. P. Lutolf & O.Naveiras,

Cell stem cell

A bioactive injectable bulking material; a potential therapeutic approach for stress urinary incontinence

E.Vardar, G. Vythilingam, K. Pinnagoda, E. M. Engelhardt, P. Y. Zambelli, J. A. Hubbell, M .P. Lutolf, P. Freya & H. M. Larsson


Understanding the Mechanobiology of Early Mammalian Development through Bioengineered Models

S.Vianello & M. P. Lutolf

Developmental cell

The heparin binding domain of von Willebrand factor binds to growth factors and promotes angiogenesis in wound healing

J. Ishihara, A.Ishihara, R. D. Starke, C. R. Peghaire, K. E. Smith, T. A. J. McKinnon, Y. Tabata, K. Sasaki, M. J. V. White, K. Fukunaga, M. A. Laffan, M. P. Lutolf, A. M. Randi & J. A Hubbell


Tissue-Engineering the Intestine: The Trials before the Trials

Clevers, R. K. Conder, V. S.W. Li, M. P. Lutolf, L. Vallier, S. Chan, T. C. Grikscheit, K. B. Jensen & P. De Coppi

Cell stem cell

Pharmacological induction of a progenitor state for the efficient expansion of primary human hepatocytes

C. Unzu, E. Planet, N. Brandenberg, F. Fusil, M. Cassano, J. Perez‐Vargas, M. Friedli, F.‐L. Cosset, M. P. Lutolf, B. E. Wildhaber, D. Trono



3D Inkjet Printing of Complex, Cell-Laden Hydrogel Structures

A. Negro, T. Cherbuin & M. P. Lutolf

Scientific Reports, PDF

Multi-axial self-organization properties of mouse embryonic stem cells into gastruloids

L. Beccari, N. Moris, M. Girgin, D. A. Turner, P. Baillie-Johnson, A.-C. Cossy, M. P. Lutolf, D. Duboule & A. Martinez Arias


Label-Free Quantification Proteomics for the Identification of Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Matrisome Inside 3D Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Hydrogels

Y. R. Devaud, E. Avilla-Royo, Ch. Trachsel, J. Grossmann, I. Martin, M. P. Lutolf & M Ehrbar

Advanced Healthcare Materials

Microfluidic production of bioactive fibrin micro-beads embedded in crosslinked collagen used as an injectable bulking agent for urinary incontinence treatment

E. Vardara, H. M. Larsson, S. Allazetta, E. M. Engelhardt, K. Pinnagoda, G. Vythilingam, J. A. Hubbell, M. P .Lutolf, P. Frey

Acta Biomaterialia


Microfluidic Programming of Compositional Hydrogel Landscapes

S. Allazetta, A. Negro & M. P. Lutolf

Macromolecular Rapid Communications


Multiscale microenvironmental perturbation of pluripotent stem cell fate and self-organization

Yoji Tabata & M. P. Lutolf

Scientific Reports, PDF

Decoding of position in the developing neural tube from antiparallel morphogen gradients

M. Zagorski,  Y. Tabata, N. Brandenberg, M. P. Lutolf, G. Tkačik, T. Bollenbach, J. Briscoe & A. Kicheva


Single-cell analyses identify bioengineered niches for enhanced maintenance of hematopoietic stem cells

A. Roch, S. Giger, M. Girotra, V. Campos, N. Vannini, O. Naveiras, S. Gobaa & M. P. Lutolf

Nature Communications, PDF

Synthesis and characterization of well-defined hydrogel matrices and their application to intestinal stem cell and organoid culture

N. Gjorevski & M. P. Lutolf

Nature Protocols

Anteroposterior polarity and elongation in the absence of extra-embryonic tissues and of spatially localised signalling in gastruloids: mammalian embryonic organoids

D. A. Turner, M. Girgin, L. Alonso-Crisostomo, V. Trivedi, P. Baillie-Johnson, C. R. Glodowski, P. C. Hayward, J. Collignon, C. Gustavsen, P. Serup, B. Steventon, M. P. Lutolf, A. Martinez Arias

Development, PDF



Specification of haematopoietic stem cell fate via modulation of mitochondrial activity

N. Vannini, M. Girotra, O. Naveiras, G. Nikitin, V. Campos, S. Giger, A. Roch, J. Auwerx & M. P. Lutolf

Nature Communications, PDF


Designer matrices for intestinal stem cell and organoid culture

G. Nikolche, S. Norman, M. Andrea, S. Giger, M. E. Bragina, P. Ordóñez-Morán, H. Clevers & M. P. Lutolf


3D chemical characterization of frozen hydrated hydrogels using ToF-SIMS with argon cluster sputter depth profiling

M. Taylor, D. Scurr, M. P. Lutolf, L. Buttery, M. Zelzer & M. Alexander

Biointerphases, PDF


Defined three-dimensional microenvironments boost induction of pluripotency

M. Caiazzo, Y. Okawa, A. Ranga, A. Piersigilli, Y. Tabata & M. P. Lutolf

Nature Materials

Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels Formed in Situ by Transglutaminase-Catalyzed Reaction

A. Ranga, M. P. Lutolf, J. Hilborn & D. A. Ossipov


NAD+ repletion improves mitochondrial and stem cell function and enhances life span in mice

H. Zhang, D. Ryu, Y. Wu, K. Gariani, X. Wang, P. Luan, D. D’Amico, E. R. Ropelle, M. P. Lutolf, R. Aebersold, K. Schoonjans, K. J. Menzies, J. Auwerx


In Situ Patterning of Microfluidic Networks in 3D Cell-Laden Hydrogels

Brandenberg N & M. P. Lutolf

Advanced Materials

Fig. 1.

Neural tube morphogenesis in synthetic 3D microenvironments

Adrian Ranga, Mehmet Girgin, Andrea Meinhardt, Dominic Eberle, Massimiliano Caiazzo, Elly M. Tanaka & M. P. Lutolf

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, PDF


Substrate stiffness heterogeneities disrupt endothelial barrier integrity in a micropillar model of heterogeneous vascular stiffening

J. A. VanderBurgh, H. Hotchkiss, A. Potharazu, P. V. Taufalele & C. A. Reinhart-King

Integrative Biology

Capturing Cell–Cell Interactions via SNAP-tag and CLIP-tag Technology

S. Hoehnel & M. P. Lutolf

Bioconjugate Chemistry


Brief Report: Single-Cell Analysis Reveals Cell Division-Independent Emergence of Megakaryocytes From Phenotypic Hematopoietic Stem Cells

A. Roch, V. Trachsel & M. P. Lutolf

Stem Cells

Chronic inflammation imposes aberrant cell fate regeneration epithelia through mechanotransduction

Craig S. Nowell, Pascal D. Odermatt, L. Azzolin, S. Hoehnel, Erwin F. Wagner, Georg E. Fantner, M. P. Lutolf, Y. Barrandon, S. Piccolo & F. Radtke

Nature Cell Biology

Graphical abstract: Substrate elasticity modulates the responsiveness of mesenchymal stem cells to commitment cues

Substract elasticity modulates the responsiveness of mesenchymal stem cells to commitment cues

S. Gooba, S. Hoehnel & M. P. Lutolf

Integrative Biology

Cell-Instructive Microgels with Tailor-Made Physicochemical Properties

S. Allazetta, L. Kolb, S. Zerbib, J. Bardy & M. P. Lutolf


Capturing Cell-Cell Interactions via SNAP-tag and CLIP-tag Technology

S. Hoehnel & M. P. Lutolf

Journal of  the American Chemical Society


D Reconstitution of the Patterned Neural Tube from Embryonic Stem Cells

A. Meinhardt, D. Eberle, A. Tazaki, A. Ranga, M. Niesche, M. Wilsch-Bräuninger, A. Stec, G. Schackert, M. P. Lutolf & E. M. Tanaka

Stem Cell Reports, PDF

Locally controlling mesenchymal stem cell morphogenesis by 3D PDGF-BB gradients towards the establishment of an in vitro perivascular niche

P. S. Lienemann, Y. R. Devaud, R. Reuten, B. R. Simona, M. Karlsson, W. Weber, M. Koch, M. P. Lutolf, V. Milleret & M. Ehrbar

Integrative Biology

Ultra-rapid prototyping of flexible, multi-layered microfluidic devices via razor writing

S. Cosson, L. G. Aeberli, N. Brandenberg & M. P. Lutolf

Lab on a Chip

Graphical abstract: Microscale patterning of hydrogel stiffness through light-triggered uncaging of thiols

Microscale patterning of hydrogel stiffness through light-triggered uncaging of thiols

K. A. Mosiewicz, L. Kolb, A.J. van der Vliesab & M. P. Lutolf

Biomaterials Science

3D Niche Microarrays for Systems-Level Analyses of Cell Fate

A. Ranga, S. Gobaa, Y. Okawa, K. Mosiewicz, A. Negro & M. P. Lutolf

Nature Communications, PDF

Hydrogel Microfluidics for the Patterning of Pluripotent Stem Cells

S. Cosson & M. P. Lutolf

Scientific Reports, PDF

Microfluidic Patterning of Protein Gradients on Biomimetic Hydrogel Substrates

S. Cosson & M. P. Lutolf

Methods in Cell Biology

Development of bioactive hydrogel capsules for the 3D expansion of pluripotent stem cells in bioreactors

Y. Tabata, I. Horiguchi, M. P. Lutolf & Y. Sakai

Biomaterials Science

A high-capacity cell macroencapsulation system supporting the long-term survival of genetically engineered allogeneic cells

A. Lathuilière, S. Cosson, M. P. Lutolf, B. L. Schneider & P. Aebischer



A versatile approach to engineering biomolecule-presenting cellular microenvironments

P. S. Lienemann, M. Karlsson, A. Sala, H. M. Wischhusen, F. E. Weber, R. Zimmermann, W. Weber. M. P. Lutolf &M. Ehrbar

Advanced Healthcare Materials

Microfluidic Synthesis of Cell-Type-Specific Artificial Extracellular Matrix Hydrogels

S. Allazetta, T. C. Hausherr & M. P. Lutolf


Hydrogel Microwell Arrays Allow the Assessment of Protease-Associated Enhancement of Cancer Cell Aggregation and Survival

D. Loessner, S. Kobel , J. A. Clements, M. P. Lutolf & D. W. Hutmacher

Microarrays, PDF

Artificial three-dimensional niches deconstruct pancreas development in vitro

C. Greggio, F. De Franceschi, M. Figueiredo-Larsen, S. Gobaa, A. Ranga, H. Semb, M. P. Lutolf & A. Grapin-Botton

Development, PDF

In Situ Cell Manipulation Through Enzymatic Hydrogel Photopatterning

K. A. Mosiewicz, L. Kolb, A. J. Van der Vlies, M. M. Martino, P. S. Lienemann, J. A. Hubbell, M. Ehrbar & M. P. Lutolf

Nature Materials

A high-capacity cell macroencapsulation system supporting the long-term survival of genetically engineered allogeneic cells

A. Lathuilière, S. Cosson, M. Lütolf, B. Schneider & P. Aebischer


Cell specific ingrowth hydrogels

M. Bracher, D. Bezuidenhout, M.P. Lutolf, T. Franz, M. Sun, P. Zilla & N.H. Davies


Design and characterization of the cage. (a) Schematic representation of the cage. The cage is synthesized by covalently functionalizing a mesh-like epoxy-activated agarose resin with novobiocin. An adaptor protein constructed from novobiocin-binding GyrB and the Fc-binding minimal protein A-derived ZZ domain is used to cage an Fc-containing target protein. The administration of free novobiocin competitively inhibits the binding between the adaptor protein and the cage, resulting in uncaging of the cargo protein and regulation of the target process. (b) Dose-dependent uncaging kinetics in cell culture medium. Caged SEAPFc (8 mg cage per 5 ml) was incubated in DMEM cell culture medium in the presence of various concentrations of novobiocin added immediately or after 2 hours. The activity of uncaged SEAPFc was determined in the supernatant at the indicated time points. Error bars represent one standard deviation of three experiments.

A generic strategy for pharmacological caging of growth factors for tissue engineering

M. Karlsson, P.S. Lienemann, N. Sprossmann, K. Heilmann, T. Brummer, M. P. Lutolf, M. Ehrbar & W. Weber

Chemical Communications


Live mammalian cell arrays

K. P. Woodruff, L.M. Fidalgo, S. Gobaa, M. Lutolf & S.J. Maerkl

Nature Methods

Graphical abstract: Patterning of cell-instructive hydrogels by hydrodynamic flow focusing

Patterning of cell-instructive hydrogels by hydrodynamic flow focusing

S. Cosson, S. Allazetta & M. Lutolf

Lab on a Chip

Fig. 1.

Heparin-binding domain of fibrin(ogen) binds growth factors and promotes tissue repair when incorporated within a synthetic matrix

M. M. Martino, P. S. Briquez, A. Ranga, M. P. Lutolf & J. A. Hubbell

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, PDF

Microfluidic Synthesis of Cell-Type-Specific Artificial Extracellular Matrix Hydrogels

S. Allazetta, T. C. Hausherr & M. P. Lutolf



Metabolic control of adult neural stem cell activity by Fasn-dependent lipogenesis

M. Knobloch, S. M. G. Braun, L. Zurkirchen, C. von Schoultz, N. Zamboni, M.J. Araúzo-Bravo, W. J. Kovacs, O. Karalay, U. Suter, R. A. C. Machado, M. Roccio, M. P. Lutolf, C. F. Semenkovich & S. Jessberger



Sorting Live Stem Cells Based on Sox2 mRNA Expression

H. M. Larsson, S. T. Lee, M. Roccio, D. Velluto, M. P. Lutolf, P. Frey, & J. A. Hubbell

Plos One, PDF

Predicting Stem Cell Fate Changes by Differential Cell Cycle Progression Patterns

M. Roccio, D. Schmitter, M. Knobloch, Y. Okawa, D. Sage & M. P. Lutolf

Development, PDF

Controlled Breast Cancer Microarrays for the Deconvolution of Cellular Multilayering and Density Effects upon Drug Responses

M. Håkanson, S. Kobel, M. P. Lutolf, M. Textor, E. Cukierman & M. Charnley

Plos One, PDF

Automated Analysis of Single Stem Cells in Microfluidic Traps

S. A. Kobel, O. Burri, A. Griffa, M. Girotra, A. Seitz & M. P. Lutolf

Lab On A Chip

High-throughput Clonal Analysis of Neural Stem Cells in Microarrayed Artificial Niches

M. Roccio, S. Gobaa & M. P. Lutolf

Integrative Biology

Diagnostic Microchip to Assay 3D Colony-Growth Potential of Captured Circulating Tumor Cells

C. A. Bichsel, S. Gobaa, S. Kobel, C. Secondini, G. N. Thalmann, M. G. Cecchini & M. P. Lutolf

Lab On A Chip

High-throughput Approaches for the Analysis of Extrinsic Regulators of Stem Cell Fate

A. Ranga & M. P. Lutolf

Current Opinion In Cell Biology

Biomimetic Hydrogels for Controlled Biomolecule Delivery to Augment Bone Regeneration

P. S. Lienemann, M. P. Lutolf & M. Ehrbar

Advanced drug delivery reviews

Identification of in vitro HSC Fate Regulators by Differential Lipid Raft Clustering

N. Vannini, A. Roch, O. Naveiras, A. Griffa, S. Kobel & M. P. Lutolf

Cell Cycle

Materials Science: Cell Environments Programmed with Light

M. P. Lutolf


Microdrop Printing of Hydrogel Bioinks into 3D Tissue-Like Geometries

K. Pataky, T. Braschler, A. Negro, P. Renaud, M. P. Lutolf & J. Brugger

Advanced Materials

Fig. 1.

Fabrication of PEG Hydrogel Microwell Arrays for High-throughput Single Stem Cell Culture and Analysis

S. A. Kobel & M. P. Lutolf


Graphical abstract: Engineering 3D cell instructive microenvironments by rational assembly of artificial extracellular matrices and cell patterning

Engineering 3D cell instructive microenvironments by rational assembly of artificial extracellular matrices and cell patterning

A. Sala, P. Haenseler, A. Ranga, M. P. Lutolf, J. Voeroes, M. Ehrbar & F.E. Weber

Integrative Biology


Artificial niche microarrays for probing single stem cell fate in high throughput

S. Gobaa, S. Hoehnel, M. Roccio, A. Negro, S. Kobel & M.P. Lutolf

Nature Methods

Biomaterials meet microfluidics: building the next generation of artificial niches

S. Kobel & M.P. Lutolf

Current Opinion in Biotechnology

Graphical abstract: Programmable microfluidic patterning of protein gradients on hydrogels

Programmable microfluidic patterning of protein gradients on hydrogels

S. Allazetta, S. Cosson & M. Lütolf

Chemical Communications

Elucidating the Role of Matrix Stiffness in 3D Cell Migration and Remodeling

M. Ehrbar, A. Sala, P. Lienemann, A. Ranga, K. Mosiewicz, A. Bittermann, S.C. Rizzi, F.E. Weber & M.P. Lutolf

Biophysical Journal


Phosphopantetheinyl Transferase-Catalyzed Formation of Bioactive Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering

K. A. Mosiewicz, K. Johnsson & M. P. Lutolf

Journal of the American Chemical Society

Bioengineered 3D Platform to Explore Cell-ECM Interactions and Drug Resistance of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Cells

D. Loessner, K. S. Stok, M. P. Lutolf, D. W. Hutmacher, J. A. Clements & S. C. Rizzi


K. Bott, Z. Upton, K. Schrobback, M. Ehrbar, J. A. Hubbell, M. P. Lutolf & S. C. Rizzi

Substrate Elasticity Regulates Skeletal Muscle Stem Cell Self-Renewal in Culture

P. M. Gilbert, K. L. Havenstrite, P. M. Magnusson, A. Sacco, N. A. Leonardi, P. Kraft, N. K. Nguyen, S. Thrun, M. P. Lutolf & H. M. Blau


Optimization of Microfluidic Single Cell Trapping for Long-Term On-Chip Culture

S. Kobel, A. Valero, J. Latt, P. Renaud & M. P. Lutolf

Lab on a Chip

High-throughput methods to define complex stem cell niches

S. Kobel & M. P. Lutolf

Biotechniques, PDF


Artificial stem cell niches

M.P. Lutolf & H.M. Blau

Advances Materials

Integration column: microwell arrays for mammalian cell culture

M. Charnley, M. Textor, A. Khademhosseini & M.P. Lutolf

Integrative Biology

Perturbation of single hematopoietic stem cell fates in artificial niches

M.P. Lutolf, R. Doyonnas, K. Havenstrite, K. Koleckar & H.M. Blau

A complex array of microenvironmental effectors can influence cell function. Reprinted with permission from Yamada and Cukierman.4 Copyright 2007, Elsevier.

Integration column: artificial ECM: expanding the cell biology toolbox in 3D

M.P. Lutolf


Designing materials to direct stem-cell fate

M.P. Lutolf, P.M. Gilbert & H.M. Blau



Biomaterials: Spotlight on hydrogels

M.P. Lutolf

Abstract Image

Micropatterning of hydrogels by soft embossing

S. Kobel, M. Limacher, S. Gobaa, T. Laroche & M.P. Lutolf



Synthetic Fibrin-like Matrix for Bone Tissue Engineering

F. E. Weber, M. P. Lutolf, S. C. Rizzi, J. A. Hubbell & M. Ehrbar

Annual Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Meeting

Control of Adult Stem Cell Function in Bioengineered in vitro Niches

H. M. Blau & M. P. Lutolf

MRS Bulletin, Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings

Enhancing the Reliability and Throughput of Neurosphere Culture on Hydrogel Microwell Arrays

M. Cordey, M. Limacher, S. Kobel, V. Taylor & M. P. Lutolf

Stem Cells

Part II: Fibroblasts Preferentially Migrate in the Direction of Principal Strain

G. P. Raeber, M. P. Lutolf & J. A. Hubbell

Biomechanics and modeling in mechanobiology

Three-dimensional Extracellular Matrix-Directed Cardioprogenitor Differentiation: Systematic Modulation of a Synthetic Cell-Responsive PEG-Hydrogel

T. P. Kraehenbuehl, P. Zammaretti, A. J. Van der Vlies, R. G. Schoenmakers , M. P. Lutolf, Marisa E. Jaconi & J. A. Hubbell



Abstract Image

Biomolecular hydrogels formed and degraded via site-specific enzymatic reactions

M. Ehrbar, S.C. Rizzi, R.G. Schoenmakers, B.S. Miguel, J.A. Hubbell, F.E. Weber & M.P. Lutolf


Mechanisms of 3-D migration and matrix remodeling of fibroblasts within artificial ECMs

G.P. Raeber, M.P. Lutolf & J.A. Hubbell

Acta Biomaterialia

Enzymatic formation of modular cell-instructive fibrin analogs for tissue engineering

M. Ehrbar, S.C. Rizzi, R. Hlushchuk , V. Djonov, A.H. Zisch, J.A. Hubbell, F.E. Weber & M.P. Lutolf



Molecularly engineered PEG hydrogels: a novel model system for proteolytically mediated cell migration

G.P. Raeber, M.P. Lutolf & J.A. Hubbell

Biophysical Journal


Synthetic biomaterials as instructive extracellular microenvironments for morphogenesis in tissue engineering

M.P. Lutolf & J.A. Hubbell

Nature Biotechnology

The selective modulation of endothelial cell mobility on RGD peptide containing surfaces by YIGSR peptides

M.H. Fittkau, P. Zilla, D. Bezuidenhout, M.P. Lutolf, P. Human, J.A. Hubbell & N. Davies



Biopolymeric delivery matrices for angiogenic growth factors

A.H. Zisch, M.P. Lutolf & J.A. Hubbell

Cardiovascular Pathology


Cell-demanded release of VEGF from synthetic, biointeractive cell ingrowth matrices for vascularized tissue growth

A.H. Zisch, M.P. Lutolf, M. Ehrbar, G.P. Raeber, S.C. Rizzi, N. Davies, H. Schmökel, D. Bezuidenhout, V. Djonov, P. Zilla & J.A. Hubbell

FASEB Journal

Synthesis and physicochemical characterization of end-linked poly(ethylene glycol)-co-peptide hydrogels formed by Michael-type addition

M.P. Lutolf & J.A. Hubbell



Repair of bone defects using synthetic mimetics of collagenous extracellular matrices

M.P. Lutolf, F.E. Weber, H.G. Schmoekel, J.C. Schense, T. Kohler, R. Müller & J.A. Hubbell

Nature Biotechnology

Figure 1

Synthetic matrix metalloproteinase-sensitive hydrogels for the conduction of tissue regeneration: engineering cell-invasion characteristics

M.P. Lutolf, J.L. Lauer-Fields, H.G. Schmoekel, A.T. Metters, F.E. Weber, G.B. Fields & J.A. Hubbell

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, PDF


Poly(ethylene glycol) Block Copolymers

N. Tirelli, M. P. Lutolf, A. Napoli & J. A. Hubbell

Reviews in Molecular Biotechnology, PDF


Systematic modulation of Michael-type reactivity of thiols through the use of charged amino acids

M.P. Lutolf, N. Tirelli, S. Cerritelli, L. Cavalli & J.A. Hubbell

Bioconjugation Chemistry

Protein delivery from materials formed by self-selective conjugate addition reactions

D.L. Elbert, A.B. Pratt, M.P. Lutolf, S. Halstenberg, & J.A. Hubbell

Journal of Controlled Release