Lab Alumni

Dr. Hwanseok Jang
Dr. JiSoo Park; now Postdoctoral Research at the Quantitative Developmental Biology lab, ETH Zurich,
Basel, Switzerland
Dr. Sophia Hsin-Jung Li; now Patent Strategy Fellow at Aurora Consulting LLC, Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Dr. Devanjali Dutta; now Scientist Immuno-oncology at Merus N.V., Utrecht, Netherlands
Dr. Mehmet Ugur Girgin; now Postdoctoral Researcher at Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland
Dr. Giuliana Rossi; now Senior Scientist at Roche, Basel, Switzerland
Dr. Andrea Manfrin; now Scientist at Roche NRD and ITB, Basel, Switzerland
2017-2019 Dr. Nathalie Brandenberg; now CEO at SUN bioscience, Lausanne, Switzerland
2017-2018 Dr. Mark Juhas; now Director Upstream Development at UPSIDE Foods, Oakland, CA, USA
Dr. Nikolce Gjorevski; now Scientist at Roche, Switzerland
2015-2017 Dr. Sara Geraldo; now Senior Scientist at Doppl, Lausanne, Switzerland
2014-2016 Dr. Massimiliano Caiazzo; now Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, ‎
Utrecht University, Netherlands
2013-2014 Dr. Adrian Ranga; now Tenure Track Assistant Professor, KU Leuven, Belgium
2012-2013 Dr. Steffen Cosson; now Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Australian Institute for Bioengineering
and Nanotechnology, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
2007-2014 Dr. Samy Gobaa; now Scientist and Technology Platform Head at Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
2010-2013 Dr. Olaia Naveiras; now Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Professor, EPFL, Switzerland
2009-2014 Dr. Nicola Vannini; now Project Leader at Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Lausanne, Switzerland
2009-2012 Dr. Marta Roccio; now Group Leader, University of Bern, Switzerland
2007-2009 Dr. Myriam Cordey; now Senior Medical Manager at Celgene, Boudry, Switzerland
Olga Mitrofanova – Bioengineering human mini-intestines with in vivo-like complexity and function


Ian Marten

Stefano Vianello – In vitro endoderm emergence and self-organisation in the absence of extraembryonic tissues and embryonic architecture
JiSoo Park – Towards engineering an artificial neural tubek – Towards engineering an artificial neural tube
2015-2021 Mikhail Nikolaev – Engineering next generation organoids through guided stem cell self-organisation
2016-2021 Saba Rezakhani – Defined matrices for epithelial organoid culture and disease modelling
2014-2019 Mehmet Ugur Girgin – In vitro modeling of early mammalian development: gastrulation and neural tube morphogenesis 
2015-2019 Sonja Giger – Modeling hematopoietic stem cell dynamics in bioengineered niches
2015-2019 François Rivest – Bioengineering Methods to Improve in vitro Adoptive Cell Therapy based on Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes
2016-2019 Delphine Blondel – Towards stress-relaxing matrices for in-vitro organoid culture
2014-2018 Vincent Trachsel – Mapping early stem cell development in vitro by gravity driven micro-trapping
2013-2018 Gennady Nikitin – Dissecting metabolic regulation of hematopoietic stem cells at single cell level
2013-2017 Yannick Devaud – Bioengineering mesenchymal stem cell niches for bone tissue engineering
2013-2017 Yoji Tabata – In vitro modeling of complex microenvironmental regulation of stem cells
2012-2017 Laura Kolb – Stem cell niche engineering through photopatterning and microfluidics
2012-2016 Natalie Brandenberg – Advanced technologies to control stem-cell based organogenesis
2010-2015 Mukul Girotra – Deciphering Metabolic Regulation of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Fate
2010-2015 Simone Allazetta – Microfluidic engineering of artificial stem cell niches
2010-2014 Sylke Höhnel – Bioengineering approaches to emulate the stem cell niche
2010-2014 Aline Roch- In vitro Fate Mapping of Single Hematopoietic Stem Cells
2009-2014 Philipp Lienemann – Tissue Engineering Bone by Matrix-Assisted MSC Recruitment
2009-2014 Yuya Okawa – Direct Somatic Cell Reprogramming in Synthetic 3D Microenvironments
2009-2014 Andrea Negro – New Tools for Hydrogel-Based 3D Bioprinting
2008-2012 Steffen Cosson – Hydrogel microfluidics to control stem cell fate
2007-2012 Katarzyna Mosiewicz – Photopatterning of synthetic hydrogels
2007-2013 Adrian Ranga – Systems biology of 3D stem cell-niche interactions
2007-2012 Stefan Kobel – Microtechnologies to map the fate of single stem cells and their progeny
2019-2020 Stefanie Boy; Technician ; now Laboratory Assistant in Prof. Ramdy’s group, at EPFL,
Lausanne, Switzerland
2018-2019 Jonathan Brassard
2015-2017 Thibaud Cherbuin; now R&D Engineer at GlaxoSmithKline, Nyon, Switzerland
2014-2016 Michael Snyder; now MBA Candidate at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University,
Palo Alto, USA
2013-2018 Evangelos Panopoulos; Technician ; now Biology Teacher at Gymnase Auguste Piccard,
Lausanne, Switzerland
2012-2013 Ryan Erickson; now Engineer I, Purification Development and LEAN Greenbelt at Genentech,
San Francisco, USA
2011-2013 Vasco Campos; now PhD student with Prof. Olaia Naveiras at EPFL
2011-2012 Guillaume Jacot; now R&D engineer at NIHS

Only students that physically worked at LSCB; many more supervised doing theses abroad.

AS= Automn Semester
SS= Spring Semester

2018-2019 AS Lorenzo Mattolini – Developing image analysis tools for quantification of embryonic organoids
2018-2019 AS Jonathan Brassard – Freeform bioprinting of small intestine
2017-2018 AS Roxane Kreuter – Intestinal organoid culture in synthetic hydrogels 
2017-2018 AS Dustin Dopsa – 3d printed flow-focusing nozzle for encapsulation of intestinal organoids
2016-2017 SS David Maycotte – Human intestinal organoid arrays for drug screening
2015-2016 SS Luis Ayala – Defined three-dimensional microenvironments for the expansion of intestinal stem cells and organoids
2015-2016 AS Kevin Laforest – Toward a fully defined artificial matrix for the culture and manipulation of pancreatic progenitor cells and organoids
2014-2015 AS Christos Gkouzias – Microfluidic engineering of stem cell microenvironment
2014-2015 AS Marie-Laure Naudin – Characterization of biomolecule diffusion through engineered hydrogels
2013-2014 AS Sophie Crettaz – 3D HTS PCR assay for detection of hypoxia in cancer cell spheroids
2012-2013 SS Jo’an Ow – Encapsulation of cells using microfludics chip
2012-2013 AS Teodor Leahu – High throughput screen of fate regulators of human iPSCs
2011-2012 SS Ryan Erickson – 3D-patterning of cells and hydrogels by multiphase inkjet printing
2011-2012 SS Sonia Hallen – Spatiotemporal Control of Stem Cell Fate in a Bio-Microfluidic System
2011-2012 SS Luc Gervais – Engineering Synthetic Hydrogels for 3D Mammary Epithelial Cell Morphogenesis
2011-2012 SS Domenica Convertino – Microfluidic synthesis of hydrogels of variable stiffness
2011-2012 AS Mathilde Chastenet – Combinatorial signaling microenvironments to explore mouse embryonic stem cell fate
2010-2011 SS Colette Bichsel – Development and Characterization of a Microfluidic Chip to Capture Circulating Prostate Cancer Cells
2010-2011 SS Tanja Hausherr – 2D Stem Cell Culture On Microfluidic Generated Hydrogel Beads
2010-2011 SS Valoise Mendoh Mangoua – Mammalian cell arrays
2010-2011 SS Viktoria Stepanova – Development of a Microfluidic On-Chip Reverse Transcription Module for the Analysis of Hematopoietic Single Stem Cells
2010-2011 AS Vincenza Lucaselli – Microfluidic chips for the 3D encapsulation of stem cells within hydrogel microbeads
2009-2010 SS Nanna Thorpe – Development of a microfluidic-based 3D matrix screening system
2009-2010 AS Simone Allazetta – Programmable microfluidic patterning of protein gradients on hydrogels
2009-2010 AS Sylke Hoehnel – Artificial niche microarrays for probing stem cell fate in high-throughput
2008-2009 SS Keshav Krishnamani – A novel 3D hydrogel-based microfluidic cell culture platform
2008-2009 SS Nora Leonardi – Bioengineering muscle stem cell niches
2007-2008 SS Steffen Cosson – Matrix-tethered protein gradients in 3D hydrogels using microfluidics devices
2007-2008 SS Chia Tan – Development of robotic spotting technology for soft hydrogels
2007-2008 SS Chiara Paviolo – Characterization of physicochemical properties of low swelling PEG hydrogels
2007-2008 SS Andrea Negro – Development of bioinks for 3D cell printing
2007-2008 AS Monika Limacher – Development of thin PEG-based h