May 2019

Our work on ultrafast electron vortex beams is published on Nature Materials and highlighted on EPFL News

Our work on ultrafast holography is published on Science Advances and highlighted on EPFL News

July 2018

Our work on coherent manipulation of electron wave function is published on Nature Communications and highlighted on EPFL News

March 2018

Our work on optical control of skyrmions published on Physical Review Letters and highlighted on the EPFL News

February 2018

Our work on meV resolution laser-assisted TEM published on ACS Photonics

November 2017

Prof. Fabrizio Carbone awarded with an ERC Consolidator Grant

October 2016

Prof. Fabrizio Carbone receives the University Latsis Award 2016

March 2015

Our work on light’s particle-wave dualism published on Nature Communications

July 2013

Workshop on Femtosecond Transmission Electron Microscopy

November 2013

Microscopy and Analysis editorial