Former Members


Javier Maroto Morales, The influence of data on adversarial robustness (2024)

Harshitha Machiraju, Towards Robust Vision Models (2024)

Jelena Simeunovic, Network Time Series Forecasting for Solar Resources (2023), now with CSEM, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Guillermo Ortiz Jimenez, The inductive bias of deep learning: Connecting weights and functions (2023), now with Google DeepMind, London, UK

Clément Vignac, Equivariant Neural Architectures for Representing and Generating Graphs (2023), now with Isomorphic Labs, London, UK

Adam Ivankay, Estimating and Improving the Robustness of Attributions in Text (2023), now with IBM Research, Zurich, Switzerland

Clémentine Aguet, Data-Driven Approaches for Non-Invasive Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitoring (2023), now with CSEM, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Ahmet Caner Yüzügüler, Hardware-Software co-Design for Improved Resource Utilisation in DNN Accelerators (2022), now with Huawei Research, Zurich, Switzerland.

Isabela Cunha Maia Nobre, Quantization for Distributed Processing and Learning of Structured Data (2022).

Beril Besbinar, Unsupervised Visual Entity Abstraction towards 2D and 3D Compositional Models (2022), now with Sony AI, Zurich, Switzerland.

Apostolos Modas, Robustness and invariance properties of image classifiers (2022), now with Sony AI, Zurich Switzerland.

Effrosyni Simou, Graph Representation Learning with Optimal Transport: Analysis and Applications (2021), formerly with with Apple, Paris, France.

Hermina Petric Maretic, Representing graphs through data with learning and optimal transport (2020), now with Amazon, London, UK.

Mattia Rossi, Graph-based Regularization of Inverse Problems in Imaging (2020), now with Sony Electronics, Schlieren, Switzerland.

Seyed Mohsen Moosavi-Dzefooli, Geometry of Adversarial Robustness of Deep Networks: Methods and Applications (2019), now Assistant Professor with Imperial College, London, UK; formerly with ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland.

Renata Khasanova, Graph-based image representation learning (2019), now with Oracle Labs, Zurich, Switzerland.

Stefano D’Aronco, Network Utility Maximization for Delay-Sensitive Applications in Unknown Communication Settings (2018), now with Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Group, ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland.

Alhussein Fawzi, Robust image classification: analysis and applications (2016), now with DeepMind, London, UK; formerly with UCLA, Los Angeles, USA.

Dorina Thanou, Graph Signal Processing: Sparse Representation and Applications (2015), now with Center for Intelligent Systems, EPFL, formerly with the Swiss Data Science Center (SDSC), EPFL/ETHZ.

Sofia Karygianni, Signal structure: from manifolds to molecules and structured sparsity (2015), now with Cisco, Zurich, Switzerland, formerly with Gamaya, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Ana de Abreu, Optimized Coding Strategies for Interactive Multiview Video (2015), now with TikTok, London, UK; formerly with eBay, Zurich, Switzerland; 1plusX, Zurich, Switzerland and Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

Xiaowen Dong, Multi-View Signal Processing and Learning on Graphs (2014), now Associate Professor, University of Oxford, UK; formerly with Media Lab, MIT, Cambridge MA, USA.

Eirina Bourtsoulatze, Rate allocation and optimized decoding in inter-session network coding (2013), now Assistant Professor, University of Essex, UK, formerly with University College London, Imperial College, London, UK, and University of Bern, Switzerland.

Elif Vural, Transformation-Invariant Analysis of Visual Signals with Parametric Models (2013), now Associate Professor in METU, Ankara, Turkey, previously with INRIA, Rennes, France.

Tamara Tosic, Distributed detection, reconstruction and interpolation for sensor network data (2013), now with INRIA, Nancy, France

Luigi Bagnato, Omnidirectional Light Field Analysis and Reconstruction (2012), now with Advanced Silicon, formerly with Visiosafe, Switzerland.

Vijayaraghavan ThirumalaiDistributed Compressed Representation of Correlated Image Sets (2011), now with Samsung, San Jose, CA, USA; formerly with Qualcomm, San Diego, CA, USA.

Zafer AricanAnalysis of Multiview Omnidirectional Images in a Spherical Framework (2010), now with Argela Technologies, previously with Turk Telekom R&D, Ankara, Turkey.

Ivana TosicOn unifying sparsity and geometry for image-based 3D scene representation (2009), now with Google, formerly with Ricoh Innovations, Menlo Park, CA, USA, and with the Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience, UC Berkeley, CA, USA.

Effrosyni KokiopoulouGeometry-aware analysis of high-dimensional visual information sets (2008), now with Google Research, Zurich, Switzerland, formerly with the Seminar for Applied Maths, ETHZ.

Jean-Paul WagnerResource allocation and adaptive scheduling for scalable video streaming (2008), now with Marks & Clerk, Luxembourg.

Ivana RadulovicBalanced Multiple Description Coding in Image Communication (2007), now with Ericsson Research, Stockholm, Sweden.

Dan JurcaAdaptive Media Streaming over Multipath Networks (2007), now with European Patent Office, The Hague, Netherlands, formerly with Huawei European Research Center (Munich, Germany), Docomo Eurolabs (Munich Germany) and KTH (Stockholm, Sweden).


Mariana Vargas Vieyra, PhD, postdoctoral researcher, 2023-2024

Thibault Séjourné, PhD, postdoctoral researcher, 2022-2023

Arun Venkitaraman, PhD, postdoctoral researcher, 2021-2023, now with Sony AI, Zurich, Switzerland

Mireille El Gheche, PhD, postdoctoral researcher, 2017-2021, now with Sony AI, Zurich, Switzerland

Roberto Gerson De Albuquerque Azevedo, PhD, postdoctoral researcher, 2018-2020, now ETHZ / Disney Research, Zurich, Switzerland

Eda Bayram, doctoral researcher, 2017-2020, now Accenture Labs, Dublin, Ireland.

Bastien Pasdeloup, PhD, postdoctoral researcher, 2018-2019, now with IMT Atlantique, Brest, France

Giuseppe Cocco, PhD, postdoctoral researcher, 2017-2019, now with Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Francesca de Simone, PhD, postdoctoral researcher, 2015-2018, now with EPFL, formerly with CWI, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Andreas Loukas, PhD, postdoctoral researcher, 2016-2017, now with Prescient Design, gRED, Roche, Switzerland; formerly with EPFL/LTS2, Lausanne, Switzerland

Laura Toni, PhD, senior researcher, 2012-2016, now Associate Professor at UCL, London, UK

Thomas Maugey, PhD, senior researcher, 2010-2014, now with INRIA, Rennes, France

David Shuman, PhD, senior researcher, 2010-2013, now Professor at the Olin College, MA, USA; formerly with Macalester College, MN, USA

Nikolaos Thomos, PhD, senior researcher, 2006-2012, now Professor at University of Essex, Colchester, UK.

Jacob Chakareski, PhD, senior researcher, 2005-2006 and 2008-2013, now Associate Professor at NJIT, NJ, USA; formerly with University of Alabama, USA, and with University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK.

Jérôme Berclaz, PhD, senior researcher, 2010, now with, formerly with Magic Leap, Uber, Microsoft, Nokia, (USA).

Hyunggon Park, PhD, senior researcher, 2009-2010, now with Ewha Womans University, South Korea.

Yannick Boursier, PhD, senior researcher, 2008-2009, now with Université Aix-Marseille 2 – ESIL, France.

Zorana Vasic (Randjelovic), research assistant, 2006-2008, now with Swisscom, formerly with SpeciTec SA, Switzerland

Jari Korhonen, PhD, senior researcher, 2006-2007, now with DTU Fotonik, Denmark, previously with NTNU, Norway.

Sila Ekmekci, PhD, senior researcher 2004-2005, now with Istanbul Kültür University, Turkey.

Christophe de Vleeschouwer, PhD, senior researcher, 2004-2005, now with UCL, Belgium.

Visiting Faculty

Dr Christine Guillemot (INRIA) – 2014.
Prof. Gene Cheung (National Institute of Informatics, Japan) – Spring 2013.
Prof. Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu ( Télécom ParisTech ) – Spring 2013.
Prof. Antonio Ortega (USC) – Summer 2011, 2012 and 2013.
Prof. Mihaela van der Schaar (UCLA) – Summer 2010.


Kazuma Miyai, MSc thesis (with Swisscom), Fall 2023
Cyrille Pittet, MSc thesis (with Swisscom), Fall 2023
Medya Tekes Mizrakli, MSc thesis (with Swisscom), Fall 2023
Cesar Descalzo, MSc thesis (with Swisscom), Fall 2023
Simon Halstensen, semester project, Fall 2023
Uddhava Monney, semester project, Fall 2023
Yuhan Xie, semester project, Fall 2023
Hadi Hammoud, semester project, Fall 2023
Laurynas Lopata, semester project, Fall 2023
Youssef Boughizane, semester project, Fall 2023
Eray Demirtas, semester project, Fall 2023
Bohan Wang, MSc thesis (at ETHZ), Spring 2023
Marija Lazaroska, MSc thesis (with Swisscom), Spring 2023
Runke Zhou, MSc thesis (with Swisscom), Spring 2023
Nataša Krčo, MSc thesis (with Swisscom), Spring 2023
Mert Soydinç, MSc thesis (with Oracle), Spring 2023
Wenxin Pan, MSc thesis, 2023
Decroux Jean Claude Gilles, semester project, Spring 2023
Cyrille Pittet, semester project, Spring 2023
Kim Kanghyeon, semester project, Spring 2023
Tomas Oliveira Ferraz Ribas Pacheco, semester project, Spring 2023
Mathieu Ruch, semester project, Spring 2023
Damien Bertrand, semester project, Spring 2023
Theofilos Belmpas, MSc thesis, Fall 2022
Karim Hadidane, MSc thesis (with Swisscom), Fall 2022
Orest Gkini, MSc thesis (with Swisscom), Fall 2022
Mathieu Masouyé, MSc thesis (with Swisscom), Fall 2022
Auguste Baum, MSc thesis (with Swisscom), Fall 2022
Jonatan Bonjour, MSc thesis (with CHUV), Fall 2022
Duan Yingxuan, semester project, Fall 2022
Qinyue Zheng, semester project, Fall 2022
Ekaterina Sedykh, semester project, Fall 2022
Jeremy Baffou, semester project, Fall 2022
Loïc Busson, MSc thesis (with Swisscom), Spring 2022
Martin Beaussart, MSc thesis (with CHUV), Spring 2022
Arnaud Dhaene, MSc thesis (at Stanford), Spring 2022
Paul Mansat, MSc thesis (with Swisscom), Spring 2022
Ivan-Daniel Sievering, MSc thesis, Spring 2022
Jakub Gwizdala, MSc thesis, Spring 2022
Matthias Zeller, semester project, Spring 2022
Deniz Ira, MSc thesis (with Swisscom), Fall 2021
Rastislav Kovac, MSc thesis (with Swisscom), Fall 2021
Wei Jiang, MSc thesis (with Swisscom), Fall 2021
Pengkang Guo, MSc thesis, Fall 2021
Pierre Vuillecard, MSc thesis, Fall 2021
Arnaud Dhaene, Semester Project, Fall 2021
Francisco Ferrari, Semester Project, Fall 2021
Donggyun Park, Semester Project, Fall 2021
Jacob Bamberger, Semester Project, Fall 2021
Andrea Oliveri, Semester Project, Fall 2021
Raphael Marietan, Semester Project, Fall 2021
Ben Mahdi, Semester Project, Fall 2021
Daniel Morales Brotons, Semester Project, Fall 2021
Alexandre Clivaz, Semester Project, Fall 2021
Clément Barbier, Semester Project, Fall 2021
Ke Wang, Semester Project, Fall 2021
Mariam Hakobyan, MSc thesis (with IBM Research), Summer 2021
Alexandru Placinta, MSc thesis (with Swisscom), Summer 2021
Souhail Asmi, MSc thesis, Summer 2021
Pengkang Guo, Semester Project, Spring 2021
Ljupche Milosheski, Semester Project, Spring 2021
Santiago Gallego, Semester Project, Spring 2021
Omar Raita, Semester Project, Spring 2021
Yann Mentha, Semester Project, Spring 2021
Gizem Yüce (ETHZ), Semester Project, Spring 2021
Ismail Nejjar, MSc thesis (with Swisscom), Fall 2020
Rosa Cozzani (U. Genoa), MSc thesis, Fall 2020
Yeuk Ling Ricky Wan, MSc thesis, Fall 2020
Keshav Singh, MSc thesis, Fall 2020
Zahra Farsijani, MSc thesis, Fall 2020
Maja Stamenkovic, Semester Project, Fall 2020
Yinan Zhang, Semester Project, Fall 2020
Mariam Hakobyan, Semester Project, Fall 2020
Carl Hatoum, Semester Project, Fall 2020
Elliott Pinel, Semester Project, Fall 2020
Johannes Rüther (KTH), MSc thesis, Spring 2020
Weibo Zhao (RWTH Aachen), MSc thesis, Spring 2020
Yinan Zhang, Master thesis, Spring 2020
Yves Rychener, Master thesis, Spring 2020
Romain Leteurtre, Master thesis, Spring 2020
Marijn Van Der Meer, Semester Project, Spring 2020
Hiroki Hayakawa, Semester Project, Spring 2020
Pietro Carta, Semester Project, Spring 2020
Shengzhao Lei, MSc thesis, Fall 2019
Yamin Sepehri, MSc thesis, Fall 2019
Alexandre Cionca, Semester Project, Fall 2019
Matthias Minder, Semester Project, Fall 2019
Justinas Sukaitis, Semester Project, Fall 2019
Julien Heitmann, Semester Project, Fall 2019
Manuel Faysse, Semester Project, Fall 2019
Sitian Li (TUM), MSc thesis, Spring 2019
Meng Zhao (ETHZ), MSc thesis, Spring 2019
Virgile Hernicot, Semester Project, Spring 2019
Deng Zhantao, Semester Project, Spring 2019
Ilaria Ricchi, Semester Project (jointly supervised with MIP:Lab, EPFL), Spring 2019
Arthur Père, Semester Project, Spring 2019
Yinan Zhang, Semester Project, Spring 2019
Vincent Ballet, MSc thesis (with AXA), Spring 2019
Armand Boschin, MSc thesis (with Telecom ParisTech), Spring 2019
Nicolas Buisson, MSc thesis (with Nestle), Spring 2019
Qianqian Qiao, MSc thesis (with ETHZ), Spring 2019
Marco Zoveralli, MSc thesis (with NEC Labs), Spring 2019
Clément Vignac (ENS Paris-Saclay), MSc thesis, Summer 2019
Cristina Gava (Uni Padova), MSc thesis, Summer 2018
Nicolas Masserey, MSc thesis (with Logitech), Summer 2018
Semion Sidorenko, MSc thesis (with 89grad), Summer 2018
Pietro Carta, Semester Project, Summer 2018
Eren Akbiyik, Semester Project, Summer 2018
Sohyeong Kim, Semester Project, Summer 2018
Silvio Zanoli, Semester Project, Summer 2018
Joël Fonseca, Semester Project, Summer 2018
Wenqi Shu-Quartier-dit-Maire, Semester Project, Summer 2018
Ahmet Yüzügüler, MSc thesis (with ABB), Winter 2017
Benjamin Schloesing, Semester Project, Winter 2017
Christian Abbet, Semester Project, Winter 2017
Nicolas Masserey, Semester Project, Winter 2017
Haziq Bin Razali, Semester Project, Winter 2017
Yuan Yao, Semester Project, Winter 2017
Louis Seguy, MSc thesis (with Livestream), Summer 2017
Matthieu Cotting, MSc thesis (with Sony), Summer 2017
Cloé Roy, MSc thesis (with Orange Labs), Summer 2017
Can Kanbak, MSc thesis, Summer 2017
Gaétan Ramet, Semester Project, Spring 2017
Nawel Naas, Semester Project, Spring 2017
Cem Ates Musluoglu, Semester Project, Spring 2017
Yunus Inan, Semester Project, Spring 2017
Ahmet Arda Atalik, Semester Project, Spring 2017
Henrik Åslund, Semester Project, Spring 2017
Fabien Crépon, MSc thesis (with IDIAP), Winter 2016
Dion Tzamarias, MSc thesis, Winter 2016
Saleh Bagher Salimi, MSc thesis, Winter 2016
Youssef Janjar, Semester Project, Fall 2016
Eric Bezzam, Semester Project, Fall 2016
Etienne Pot, Semester Project, Spring 2016
Zhongqi Shi, Semester Project, Spring 2016
Sephora Madjiheurem, Semester Project, Spring 2016
Kiran Bacsa, Semester Project, Spring 2016
Samuel Beuret, Semester Project, Spring 2016
Hector Parmantier, Semester Project, Spring 2016
Can Kanbak, Semester Project, Spring 2016
Nelson Antunes, Semester Project, Spring 2016
Shuyu Dong (Telecom ParisTech), MSc thesis, Winter 2015
Alexandru Munteanu, MSc thesis (with EBU), Winter 2015
Julien Busser, Semester Project, Fall 2015
Emily Hentgen, Semester Project, Fall 2015
Bénédicte Motz, MSc thesis, Spring 2015
Federico Chiarriotti (Uni Padova), MSc thesis, Spring 2015
Eleftheria Kasimidou (AUTH), MSc thesis, Spring 2015
Reka Inovan, Semester Project, Spring 2015
Konstantinos Pitas (AUTH), MSc thesis, Winter 2015
Konstantinos Dovelos (AUTH), MSc thesis, Winter 2015
Bénédicte Motz, Semester Project, Fall 2014
Fares Zenaidi, Semester Project, Fall 2014
Pelin Dogan, MSc thesis (with Disney Research), Spring 2014.
Alexis Lahaie, Semester Project, Spring 2014.
Léo Vigna, Semester Project, Spring 2014.
Jérôme Bovay, Semester Project, Spring 2014.
Seyed Amir Mortazavi, MSc thesis (with ABB), Winter 2013.
Viorela Marcu, MSc thesis (with CES), Spring 2013.
Niloufar Alipour Tehrani, MSc thesis (with CERN), Spring 2013.
Pere Farrero i Roger (UPC), MSc thesis (Design of a new 3D multi-view representation), Spring 2013
Adrien Besson, MSc thesis (with Morpho), Winter 2012-2013.
Seyed Amir Mortazavi, Semester Project, Spring 2013.
Serge Hochar, Semester Project, Spring 2013.
Tahar Nguira Mohamed, Semester Project, Spring 2013.
Uday Takyar, MSc thesis (3D Representation for Multiview Video), Fall 2012.
Arthur Germain, Semester Project, Fall 2012.
Matthieu Nowicki, Semester Project, Fall 2012.
Clement Genetet, Semester Project, Fall 2012.
Ismael Carmona (UPC), MSc thesis, Summer 2012.
Arthur Germain, Semester Project, Spring 2012.
Serife Seda Kucur, MSc thesis (Robust Detection of Self-Synchronized Anti-Counterfeiting Codes), with Advanced Track and Trace, Spring 2012
Stephane Massonnet, EPFL, semester project, spring 2012.
Florian Savoy, EPFL, semester project, spring 2012.
Yu Zhan, UPC, Spain, MSc thesis project, fall 2011.
Alhussein Fawzi, MSc thesis (Geometric Group Sparsity in Image Analysis), Fall 2011.
Grigori Chevtchenko, MSc thesis (Efficient depth based image rendering for virtual views synthesis), Fall 2011.
Daniel Yanisse (with Cisco Systems), MSc thesis, Fall 2011.
Serife Seda Kucur, semester project, Fall 2011.
Sapan Diwakar, semester project, Fall 2011.
Pulkit Goyal, semester project, Fall 2011.
Gil Bovay, semester project, Fall 2011.
Laurent D’Andrès, semester project, Fall 2011.
Giuseppe Zappulla (Politecnico di Torino), MSc thesis, Spring 2011.
Parmeet Bhatia, MSc thesis (with Logitech), Spring 2011.
Stephan Hesse, MSc thesis (with HHI), Spring 2011.
Xuan Zhang, MSc thesis, Spring 2011.
Hemant Tyagi, MSc thesis, Spring 2011.
Jose Molina (UPC), MSc thesis, spring 2011.
Alhussein Fawzi, semester project, Spring 2011.
Xavier Contijoch Cullere (UPC), MSc thesis, Spring 2011.
Jonnahtan Saltarin (Politecnico di Torino), MSc thesis, Winter 2010.
Dimitri Palaz, MSc thesis, Fall 2010.
Ramviyas Nattanmai (IITD), MSc thesis, Spring 2010.
Eymen Kurdoglu, MSc thesis, Spring 2010.
Dorina Thanou, MSc thesis project, Spring 2010
Chan Yu-Chen, M.Sc. thesis, Spring 2010
Zafer Dogan, M.Sc. student, Spring 2010
Bhatia Parmeet, M.Sc. student, Spring 2010
Pau Guri (UPC), M.Sc. thesis, Winter 2010
Ester Gutierrez Zulaica (UPC), M.Sc. thesis, Winter 2010
Teodora Kostic (with Swisscom), M.Sc. thesis, Winter 2010
Markus Schenkel (with MSRA), M.Sc. thesis, Winter 2010
Victor Adalid (UPC), M.Sc. thesis, Summer 2009
Josep Cusco (UPC), M.Sc. thesis, Summer 2009
Thomas de Buman (with Swisscom), M.Sc. thesis, Summer 2009
Mohamed Slim Slama (with Orange), M.Sc. thesis, Summer 2009
Nicolas Dougoud, M.Sc. student, Spring 2009
Stephan Hesse, undergraduate student, Spring 2009
Gregory Brusick, M.Sc. thesis (with UDcast), Winter 2008
Nicolae Cleju, M.Sc. thesis, Winter 2008
Attar Ahmad Movahedian, M.Sc. thesis (with Swisscom), Winter 2008
Jennifer Meinen, M.Sc. thesis (with eyeP media), Winter 2008
Oliver Stampfli M.Sc. thesis (with Logitech), Winter 2008
Mahdad Hosseini Kamal, M.Sc. student, Fall 2008
Adrian Dan Tarniceriu, M.Sc. student, Fall 2008
Hatim Bennani. M.Sc. thesis (with Orange), 2008
Seliz Karadogan, M.Sc. student, 2008
Roman Voronine, M.Sc. student, 2008
Sobhan Soleymani, M.Sc. student, 2008
Roser Sala (UPC), M.Sc. thesis, 2007-2008
Stefanos Pirillos, M.Sc. thesis, 2007-2008
Matteo Salcuni (University of Siena), M.Sc. thesis, winter 2007-2008
Ayodeji Olusola Aribuki, M.Sc. thesis (with Thomson), winter 2007-2008
Boris Ruf, M.Sc. thesis, winter 2007-2008
Jean Rossier, M.Sc thesis (with Nagra-Kudelski), spring 2007
Amin Karbasi, M.Sc thesis (with Logitech), spring 2007
Emmanuele Pasa, M.Sc thesis (with Logitech), spring 2007
Aleksandar Jovanovic, M.Sc thesis, winter 2006-2007
Mihailo Kolundzija, M.Sc. student, spring 2006
Julien Kuenzi, M.Sc. student, spring 2006
Matthieu Grange, M.Sc. thesis, winter 2005-2006
Sarat Chandra Akkapeddi, exchange M.Sc. student, winter 2005-2006
Serkan Mulayim, M.Sc. student, winter 2005-2006
Mireia Ortega Bravo (UPC), M.Sc. thesis, summer 2005
Beilu Shao, M.Sc student 2005
Sanja Petrovic, M.Sc. student 2004, now with France Telecom R&D, Sofia Antipolis, France
Stella Foaleng Mafang, undergraduate student 2004-2005
Alexis Favrot, undergraduate student 2004-2005

Visitors & Research interns

Amel Abdelraheem, summer internship, Winter 2023
Yuelei Li, summer internship, Fall 2023
Melika Honarmand, summer internship, Summer 2023
Aavash Subedi, summer internship, Summer 2023
Alireza Abdollahpour, summer internship, Summer 2023
Nagham Osman, visiting PhD student, UCL (London, UK), Spring 2023
Ptashanna Thiraux (ENS Lyon), internship project, Spring 2023
Paul-Henri Pinart (Polytechnique Paris), internship project, Spring 2023
Junbo Yin (Beijing Institute of Technology), visiting PhD student, UCL (London, UK), 2022-2023
Caroline Moraes, visiting PhD student (UFABC), 2022-2023
Hossein Darvishi, visiting PhD student (NTNU), 2022
Valérie Costa, summer internship, Summer 2022
Mariia Vidmuk ,summer internship, Summer 2022
Bohan Wang, summer internship, Summer 2022
AmirHossein Dabiri, summer internship, Summer 2022
Simona Petravic, summer internship, Summer 2022
Charilaos Zisou, summer internship, Summer 2022
Angana Mondal, summer internship, Summer 2022
Aitor Ganuza (UPC), internship project, Spring 2022
Antoine Siraudin (Supelec Paris), internship project, Spring 2022
Paul Krzakala /ENS), internship project, Spring 2022
Marcele Kuhfuss, visiting PhD student, UFRJ (Brazil), 2021-2022
Qin Yang, visiting PhD student, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), 2021-2022
Mingxing Xu, visiting PhD student, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), 2021-2022
Andjela Todorovic, internship project, Summer 2021
Yunshu Ouyang, internship project, Summer 2021
Ivana Munjas, internship project, Summer 2021
Gizem Yüce, internship project, Summer 2021
Paul Krzakala, internship project, Summer 2021
David Bergés Lladó, internship project, Summer 2021
Itamar Franco Salazar Reque, internship project, Fall 2020

Tom Bordin, internship project, Fall 2020
Hak Gu Kim, postdoctoral researcher, KAIST, Seoul, Korea, 2019-2020
Sofija Petrovic, research intern, Summer 2019
Sunok Kim, postdoctoral researcher, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, Spring 2019
Xing Gao, visiting PhD student from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Shanghai, China, 2018-2019
Arun Venkitaraman, visiting PhD student from KTH, Sweden, Fall 2018
Ali Dadras, visiting PhD student from University of Tabriz, Iran, Summer 2018
Jungmin Kwon, visiting PhD student from EWHA, Seoul, South Korea, Summer 2018
Melika Behjati, research intern, Summer 2018
Yujia Liu, research intern, Summer 2018
Deniz Mercadier, research intern, Summer 2018
Wenqi Shu-Quartier-dit-Maire, research intern, Summer 2018
Isabela Cunha Maia Nobre, research intern, Summer 2018
Yiren Zhou, visiting PhD student from Singapore University of Technology and Design, Fall 2017
Mira Rizkallah, visiting PhD student from INRIA, Fall 2017
Silvia Rossi, visiting PhD student from UCL, Fall 2017
Xavier Corbillon, visiting PhD student from IMT Atlantique, Fall 2017
Can Kanbak, research intern, Fall 2017
Xue Zhang, PhD student, Beijing Jiaotong University, 2015-2017
Chenglin Li, PhD, postdoctoral researcher, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2015-2017
Li Guo, visiting PhD student, Waseda University, Oct-Dec 2016
Christos Nikolaou, intern, July-Sep 2016
Idil Kanpolat, intern, Spring 2016
Giulia Fracastoro, visiting PhD student from Politecnico Torino, Spring 2016
Eda Bayram, intern, Jun-Sep 2015
Rui Ma, visiting PhD student from HKUST, Spring 2015, Spring 2016
Jingyu Yang, visiting professor, from Tianjin University (China), Summer 2012, then 2014-2015.
Xinchen Ye, visiting PhD student from Tianjin University, China, Spring 2015
Luca Baroffio, visiting PhD student from Politecnico di Milano, Mar-May 2015
Ece Boran, intern, Oct 2014 – Jan 2015
Yao Chao, visiting PhD student from Beijing Jiaotong University, 2014-2015
Beril Besbinar, intern, Jun-Sep 2014
Hamedeh Jafari, intern, EPFL, Mar-Sep 2014
Mariem Guennouni, intern, Jul-Jan 2014
Daniele Munaretto, visiting PhD student from Uni Padova, Sep-Dec 2013
Yanhui Zhou, visiting researcher, Xi’an Jiaotong University, 2012-2013
Adnan Muhammad, Erasmus student, Apr-Sep 2013
Nunzia Giorgia Ferrara, intern, July-Sep 2013
Vilim Stih, intern, July-Sep 2013
Uday Takyar, intern, Mar-May 2013 and Oct-Dec 2013
Ahmet Caner Yüzügüler, intern, June-August 2013
Arthur Trigueiro Baptista, intern, Oct 2012 – Mar 2013.
Cédric Verleysen, visiting PhD student from UCL, Belgium, Fall 2012.
Boshra Rajaei, Guest PhD Student, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, spring/summer 2012.
Ye Pu, research intern, EPFL, summer 2011.
Naghmeh Ghazaleh, research intern, EPFL, summer 2011.
Hadis Mohseni Takallou, Guest PhD Student, Sharif University of Technology, spring/summer 2011.
Dorna Bandari, Guest PhD Student, UCLA, 2009-2011.
Zhe Wang, visiting PhD Student, Beihang University, summer 2011.
Javier Pérez Trufero, graduate student, USC, 2010 – summer 2011.
Eymen Kurdoglu, graduate student, EPFL, 2010 – summer 2011.
Davide Bardone, PhD student, Politecnico Torino, summer 2010
Sercan Arik, undergrad student, Bilkent University, summer 2010
Mitra Fatemi, grad student, Sharif University, summer 2010
Arthur Trigueiro, grad student, EPFL, summer 2010
Sukhada Pendse, undergrad student, IITB, Summer 2010
Ramviyas Nattanmai, MSc student, IITD, Spring 2010
Lorenzo Rossi, PhD student, University “La Sapienza” di Roma, winter 2010
Attilio Fiandrotti, PhD student, Politecnico di Torino, summer 2009
Ozan Sener, undergrad student, METU, summer 2009
Bhavani Sambaturu, undergrad student, EPFL, summer 2009
Mouna Mahouachi, undergrad student, EPFL, summer 2009
Eymen Kurdoglu, graduate student, EPFL, summer 2009
Mehrdad Valipour, PhD student, University of Tehran, summer 2009
Nicolas Dougoud, graduate student, EPFL, summer 2009
Attar Ahmad Movahedian, graduate student, EPFL, summer 2009
Ayan Sengupta, undergrad student, IIT Kharagpur, summer 2009
Marija Uscumlic, graduate student, EPFL, spring 2009
Rethnakaran Pulikkoonattu, graduate student, EPFL, summer-winter 2008
Mina Karzand, graduate student, EPFL, summer 2008
Xu Chen, PhD student, UIC, summer 2008
Chinmay Bhagwat, B.Sc. student, IIT Bombay, summer 2008
Dimitra Gkorou, M.Sc. student, University of Patras, fall 2007
Santhana Krishnan, M.Sc. student, IIT Bombay, summer 2007
Namrata Bandekar, B.Sc. student, IIT Bombay, summer 2007
Aditi Dhar, B.Sc. student, IIT Bombay, summer 2007
Aditya Siripuram, B.Sc. student, IIT Bombay, summer 2007
Prof. Taner Arsan, Kadir Has Univ., fall 2006
Tamara Tosic, grad student, Univ. of Novi Sad, summer 2006
Sibel Demirkol, grad student, Sabanci Univ, summer 2006
Puneet Sahani, undergrad student, NSIT Delhi, Sep-Nov 2006
Abhishek Kumar, undergrad student, NSIT Delhi, June-Sep 2006
Saurav Bandyopadhyay, PhD student, SUNY Buffalo, NY, May-Aug 2006
Piyush Nahar, grad student, IIT Bombay, May-Jul 2006
Prof. S.N. Merchant, IIT Bombay, June 2006
Ayodeji Aribuki, intern, winter 2005-2006
Gehong Bu, visitor, 2005
Barbara Penna, visiting PhD Student (Politecnico Torino), 2004
Tammam Tilo, visiting PhD Student (Politecnico Torino), 2004