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Adding a polymer stabilizes collapsing metal-organic frameworks

— Porous metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) have many applications like carbon capture and water-cleaning. However, MOFs with large pores tend to collapse. Chemists and chemical engineers at EPFL have now solved the problem by adding small amounts of a polymer into the MOF pores, an act that impedes pore collapse.

EPFL startup develops innovative method for recycling PET

— DePoly, a startup based at EPFL’s Valais-Wallis campus, has developed a chemical-based method for recycling PET containers. Its process, which offers several advantages over existing technology, has just won the company first place at the 2019 >>venture>> competition.

New biologically derived metal-organic framework mimics DNA

— Chemical engineers at EPFL have synthesized a biologically-derived metal-organic framework on which the hydrogen bonding that forms the DNA double helix can be mimicked and studied like never before.

Cover of the Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation

— The work of Amber Mace and Senja Barthel is on the cover of the Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation

New device simplifies measurement of fluoride contamination in water

— Seeking to address fluoride contamination in drinking water, chemical engineers at EPFL have developed a portable and user-friendly device that can measure fluoride concentration accurately and reliably.

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