Amine Dynamics in Diamine-Appended Metal–Organic Frameworks

J. Xu, Y. M. Liu, A. S. Lipton, J. Ye, G. L. Hoatson, P. J. Milner, T. M. McDonald, R. L. Siegelman, A. C. Forse, B. Smit, J. R. Long, and J. A. Reimer, Amine Dynamics in Diamine-Appended Mg2(dobpdc) Metal–Organic Frameworks J Phys Chem Lett  (2019) doi: 10.1021/acs.jpclett.9b02883


Variable-temperature 15N solid-state NMR spectroscopy is used to uncover the dynamics of three diamines appended to the metal–organic framework Mg2(dobpdc) (dobpdc4– = 4,4′-dioxidobiphenyl-3,3′-dicarboxylate), an important family of CO2 capture materials. The results imply both bound and free amine nitrogen environments exist when diamines are coordinated to the framework open Mg2+ sites. There are rapid exchanges between two nitrogen environments for all three diamines, the rates and energetics of which are quantified by 15N solid-state NMR data and corroborated by density functional theory calculations and molecular dynamics simulations. The activation energy for the exchange provides a measure of the metal−amine bond strength. The unexpected negative correlation between the metal−amine bond strength and CO2 adsorption step pressure unravel that metal-amine bond strength is not the only important factor in determining the CO2 adsorption properties of diamine-appended Mg2(dobpdc) MOFs.