Student projects

The Laboratory of Psychophysics has an opening for a master thesis/lab immersion, with earliest start date and flexible duration. 

Vision is more than what meets the eye. To construct a coherent representation of the external world, the visual system must integrate information across space and time, relying on the structured and predictable nature of visual input. However, the computational mechanisms underlying this process remain largely unclear.

In this project, we are seeking motivated students to join us for lab immersion or master projects, particularly those interested in understanding how the visual system exploits spatiotemporal statistical regularities to predict upcoming events.

The applicants will engage in conducting behavioral experiments with human subjects and analyzing data using cutting-edge psychophysics and computational modeling techniques. This presents a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in active research, understand all facets of the scientific process, and acquire proficiency in state-of-the-art analysis techniques. Students with a background in statistical modeling and machine learning are especially encouraged to apply.

For applications to this project, contact David Pascucci at [email protected]