AFM facilities


AFM booking link

Organization and rules:

Introduction and training:

New users should contact Philippe Charpilloz via e-mail. This specific information form must be filled and attached to the mail.

Number of users:

The number of users is restricted to two per laboratory. Exceptions may be possible but need to be discussed with the Director.


  • The AFM facility does not provide cantilevers, substrates or other consumables that are needed for sample preparation or microscopy. Users are responsible for purchasing these materials themselves.
  • Fixed costs (maintenance, maintenance contracts) will be billed annually to the user laboratories. By using the AFM facility, the user laboratories agree to contribute to the fixed costs proportional to the time they have used the AFM facility. User time is defined as the time a user is logged-on on the PC that operates the AFM. This time is monitored automatically.
  • Any costs due to damages to the AFM instruments that are directly related to the users’ operation of the instrument will be fully charged to the user’s laboratory.
  • Special conditions apply for users from outside EPFL. Interested parties should contact Philippe Charpilloz or Harm-Anton Klok.

Instrument booking and use:

  • Reservation  are placed via an internet booking system.The link is on the top of this page.
  • Between 8 am and 8 pm, the microscopes can be booked at most 4 hours per day per user.
  • Prior to starting their experiments, users should inspect the microscope for any damages and sign the log-on sheet. With their signature, the users accept the microscope for their use. After completion of their work, users sign the log-out sheet to certify that the microscopes are left behind in good order.