Long due celebration for accepted papers and awarded project, plus welcoming MJ, Marco and Jennifer! 02.11.2023

Good bye Min and Noah, we wish you all the best for your future! 30.08.2023

Ona, Raffa and Philippe represented LNCE at ACS Fall 2023 in San Francisco!

Wonderful scientific discussions and visits all around the Bay Area, including Twelve, Molecular Foundry Lisa and Kavli Energy Nanoscience Institute!

Goodbye to our master students Paul, Eachann and Maxime! 02.08.2023

 7th LNCE Group Retreat (Champéry, July 2023)

Wonderful science, animated discussions, delicious French food, a beautiful hike… we are back more united and with beautiful memories 🙂


Good bye Gaetan, we wish you all the best for your future! 07.07.2023

Good bye Elena and Victoria, thanks for visiting us over the past few months! 20.04.2023

MATSUS23 Spring Meeting in Valencia

Such a successful meeting for LNCE! Raffaella delivered two invited talks, Kimoon presented his work for the first time, Coline won a best poster price and Petru won a best contributing talk! Great job 🙂

Happy Holidays by LNCE!! 12.12.2022

Secret Santa, Escape game, a delicious dinner…such a great time with this wonderful group of people! Looking forward to having fun while continuing doing great science together in 2023.

We wish you all the best for your future Kevin! 20.09.2022

It was such a fun journey to host a theorist in a group of experimentalists, we all learned a lot 🙂

Good bye Andrea, thanks for visiting us over the past 6 months! 29.08.2022

Congratulations Dr Laia Castilla i Amorós! 26.08.2022

The liquid metal pioneer, the creative, the vegan, the one that introduced the Secret Santa in LNCE…we will miss you!

6th LNCE Group Retreat (La Forclaz, August 2022)

Wonderful science, animated discussions, delicious food, a strenuous hike…we survived and we are back more united and with beautiful memories 🙂

Good bye to our Dr James Pankhurst!

We wish you good luck for your future and we remain in touch 🙂

GRC Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals 2022

Ona had fun presenting her poster and Raffa was elected to chair the 2026 GRC with Prof Brandi Cossairt from UW in Seattle!

Congratulations Dr Jan Vavra! 27.05.2022

He did survive to all his adventures  😉

Congratulations to Raffa for her tenure!

Wonderful LNCE reunion with past and present members, great job everyone!!

LNCE members at the GRC Solar Fuels 2022 in beautiful Tuscany 🙂

From the left: Anna, Valery, Raffa, Ludovic, Petru

Long due celebration for accepted papers! 07.03.2022

Congratulations to first authors Anna, Laia, Kevin, Ona and Ludovic 🙂

Group dinner 2021: Happy Holidays by LNCE!

Despite all difficulties, we made it through 🙂

Congratulations Dr Yannick Guntern! 13.09.2021

He played in 3 music bands, brewed beer and did awesome science 🙂

Raffaella at the Swiss Chemistry Society Science Night for her Werner Price, congratulations! 09.09.2021

5th LNCE Group Retreat (Bettmeralp, September 2021)

Wonderful Science, delicious Spanish food, hiking in beautiful Aletsch  and…a fire alarm 😉

Congratulations Jasmine and Ludovic for two successful master thesis! August 2021

Here with their mentors Valery and Laia 🙂

Congratulations Dr Pranit Iyengar! 30.07.2021

“It was such a happy ending!” 🙂

Congratulations Dr Behnaz Varandili! 01.03.2021

“With ups and downs, yet we made it to the end” 😉

Secret Santa version 2020: Happy Holidays by LNCE!

Congratulations Dr Valeria Mantella! 18.12.2020

“She was just perfect” 😉

Congratulations Dr Chethana Gadiyar! 23.09.2020

The power of the 3C: Chemistry, Curls and Cats 🙂

Congratulations Dr Seryio Saris! 18.09.2020

The green power 🙂

4th LNCE Group Retreat (Saas Grund, September 2020)

Upgraded from photos to a beautiful video this year!

Happy Holidays by LNCE! (December 2019)

Looking forward to a wonderful 2020 all together 🙂

3nd LNCE Group Retreat (La Forclaz, September 2019)

No comment, the photos say it all 🙂

Farewell lunch for Valerie (August 2019)

We wish Val good luck for her PhD in Stanford!

LNCE Group Picture 2018

Farewell dinners for Mariateresa and Jérémie (Jan/Feb 2019)

Sad to see people go, but it has to happen at some point…Wish you good luck for the next step!

2nd LNCE Group Retreat (Champery, October 2018)

Wonderful time together discussing Science, cooking and hiking!

Celebrating Mariateresa and Chethana’s paper, go LNCE! (Sept 2018)

Celebrating Chethana’s paper and Jianfeng’s paper! Good job 🙂 (June 2018)

papers celebration

Snowshoeing to Cabane du petit Mountet-Zinal (February 2018)


LNCE Christmas Potluck 2017 : Bonnes Fêtes à tous!


1st LNCE Group Retreat in Bettmeralp (August 2017)

Great science, delicious food, a lot of fun and the beautiful Swiss Nature…just perfect!


LNCE Group Picture 2017

LNCE at the Nanax 8 Conference (July 2017)

Nana 8

BBQ at les Iles (June 2017)

bbq June 2017

Snowshoeing at the Grand Saint Bernard pass (February 2017)

grand saint bernard

LNCE at the Course de Noel in Sion! (December 2016)

course de Noel

Leo’s farewell dinner (December 2016)

Leo's farewell

Science in action! (September 2016)

Science in Action

LNCE hike in Ovronnaz (July 2016)

group hike

First LNCE dinner! (May 2016)

first group dinner