Prof. Andreas Züttel

Born 22. 8. 1963 in Bern, Switzerland.
1985 Engineering Degree in Chemistry, Burgdorf, Switzerland. Exchange student research work “Polyurethan network formation” with Dow Chemical in Terneuzen, Netherlands.
1990 Diploma in Physics from the Unversity of Fribourg (UniFR), Switzerland.
1993 Dr. rer. nat. from the science faculty UniFR.
1994 Post doc “Amorphous hydrides and optical films” with AT&T Bell Labs in Murray Hill, New Jersey, USA.
1996 Head of the Metalhydride and Energy Storage Group in the Physics Department UniFR.
1997 Lecturer at the Physics Department UniFR.
2001 Vice president of the Swiss hydrogen association “Hydropole”. Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of IMRA            EUROPE. Member of the Advisory Committee of HERA.
External professor at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Habilitation in experimental physics at the science faculty UniFR. Vice-President of the Swiss Physical Society (SPS), President of the Swiss Hydrogen Association „HYDROPOLE“.
2006 Head of the section “Hydrogen & Energy” at EMPA the Swiss National Institution for Materials Sciences and Technology. Prof. tit. in the Physics department UniFR.
2007 Organizer of the Int. Symposium “Hydrogen & Energy”.
2008 Editor of the book „Hydrogen as a Future Energy Carrier“, Member of the scientific advisory board of HyCentA, Graz and UK-SHEC. Member of the Steering Committee (ISC) for the International Symposia on MH Systems.
2009-2010 Head of the Research Program „Material Sciences & Technology for Energy “ at EMPA.
2009 Guest Professor at IMR, Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan.
2012 Visiting Professor at Delft Technical University, The Netherlands,
2014 Full Prof. Physical Chemistry at EPFL, Switzerland and director of the Laboratory of Materials for Renewable Energy (LMER) joint lab of EPFL and Empa.