Group Photos

The Group in March 2018

From left to right/back to front: Nina, Erwann, Phill, Bastian, Javier, Raphael, Ming Ming, Paola, Franck, Guillaume, Daniele, Romain, David, Raj, Ashis, Alec, Durga, Jerome, Marion, Stephanie, Veronique, Stefano .

The Group in June 2017

From left to right/back to front: Javier, Daniele, Erwann, Guillaume, Johannes, Paola, Phill, Bastian, Stefano, Romain, Raj, Durga, Veronique, Jerome, Marion, Stephanie, Verity, Franck, Sebastien.

The Group in July 2016

From top to bottom; Romain, Lionel, Ugo, Veronique, Daniele, Sophie, Phill, Stefano, Paola, Franck, Sebastian, Omkar, Jerome, Durga.

The Group in July 2015

From left to right; Felipe, Romain, Durga, Shyamal, Jerome, Dylan, Sophie, Lionel, Franck, Daniele, Veronique, Yifan, Ugo, Paola.

The Group in May 2014

From left to right; Yifan, Véronique, Jerome, Daniele, Durga, Ugo, Victoria, Chun, Sophie, Dylan, Thibaut, Matt.

The Group in August 2013

The Group in July 2012

The Group in December 2011

The Group in April 2011

The Group in August 2010

The Group in April 2009

The Group in February 2009

The Group in November 2008