Joint Biomechanics


The research activities of the Joint Biomechanics Group consist in the development of theoretical, numerical, and experimental models to improve the clinical outcome of the treatment of humain joint pathologies.


Terrier, A., Latypova, A., Guillemin, M., Parvex, V., Guyen, O. Dual mobility cups provide biomechanical advantages in situations at risk for dislocation: a finite element analysis (2017) International Orthopaedics, 41 (3), pp. 551-556. DOI: 10.1007/s00264-016-3368-z


Alexandre Terrier, PhD (Head)

Yasmine Meharzi Boulanaache (PhD student)

Ehsan Sashari, PhD  (Scientific collaborator)

Jorge Solana-Muño (Scientific collaborator)

Clinical advisors

Fabio Becce (CHUV)

Xavier Crevoisier (CHUV)

Alain Farron, Prof (CHUV)

Olivier Guyen, Prof (CHUV)

Hannes Rudiger (CHUV & Schulthess)

Gilles Udin (CHUV)

Frédéric Vauclair (CHUV)