Students projects

Optimization of a novel single B-cell sequencing method

The laboratory of Biomedical Microfluidics is offering a semester project focusing on the optimization of a novel single B-cell sequencing method developed in the lab (currently being applied to screen the immune repertoires of COVID-19 patients). The work will include testing different surfactants and home-made enzymes to improve overall efficiency of RT-PCR in microfluidic droplets.

The project includes two main optimization steps: In a first step the student will address the optimization of single-cell lysis and reverse transcription in microfluidic droplets. The second step will then focus on the optimization of single-molecule emulsion PCR in droplets using different surfactants and enzymes.

During the project, the successful candidate will gain hands-on experience with microfluidic techniques and single cell BCR sequencing technology under the guidance of an experienced postdoc who developed the method. In addition, the student will have the opportunity to become co-author of publications resulting from the work.

We are particularly looking for students with a background in biology or biochemistry, ideally with experience in molecular cloning.

contact: [email protected]