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Congrats to Dr. Jatin Panwar for the eSeed award!

— Dr. Jatin Panwar and Prof. Christoph Merten of LBMM in association with Till Ryser and Prof. Carlotta Guiducci of CLSI recently received the eSeed award for their proposal to develop an integrated microfluidics platform capable of deterministic encapsulation of cells in droplets for high-throughput biomedical screens.

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LBMM awarded by a PHRT Grant

— The laboratory of Biomedical Microfluidics (LBMM) was awarded with a highly selective PHRT grant for the project "Second-generation microfluidic drug testing on solid tumor biopsies for guiding clinical therapy". This 2-year project starts in April 2022 and aims at the development of second generation screening platforms, providing highly multiplexed transcriptomic readouts for hundreds of possible treatment conditions. A second aim is the development of an industry prototype for use in clinical settings, that can be operated by non-specialists.

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Blandine Vergier successfully passed her candidacy exam

— On October 19th, Blandine Vergier succeeded her candidacy exam. This is a very promising first step for the success of her PhD. Mrs. Vergier joined the LBMM laboratory in October 2020 to work on a project entitled "Development of a microfluidic pipeline to decipher the target landscape of tumor-specific T Cell Receptors".

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Kick-off for the Innovative "TheraMe!" Innosuisse project

— The laboratory of Biomedical Microfluidics (LBMM) was awarded with an Innosuisse grant, which started on August 1st 2021. The project "TheraMe! – Microfluidic IVD for personalized cancer therapy" is an 18 month ambitious and innovative project in personalized medicine, which aims to exploit microfluidic screening technology to guide clinical decision making. The platform will deliver prioritized treatment options within 24h after taking biopsies, at consumables costs of less than 150 US$.

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Congratulation to Leonie Kolmar!

— On June 2nd, 2021, Leonie Kolmar successfully passed her candidacy exam. This was a very promising first step in her PhD entiteled "Establishing a high-throughput antibody screening platform using droplet microfluidics".

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