Lightweight Metal Alloys: Dynamic Strain Aging

dynamic strain aging

We have developed mechanistic and predictive models for dynamic strain aging, and in particular negative rate sensitivity that drives Portevin-LeChatelier instabilities. The main application is in Al-5XXX alloys widely used in the automotive industry, and where the major solute element is Mg. The new mechanisms – “cross-core diffusion” and its effects on mobile dislocations and forest junctions – are significant departures from earlier concepts, and capture the dependence of rate-sensitivity on Mg concentration, temperature, strain rate, and total plastic strain. The fundamental mechanisms use quantum and atomistic level input, and are the basis of new macroscopic constitutive laws for plastic deformation. This constitutive model has recently been applied to explain the observed reduction in tensile ductility around room temperature in Al-Mg alloys, which is a major problem for forming of this class of alloys.

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