Ongoing work

SUSTAINCELL – Durable and Sustainable component supply chain for high performance fuel cells and electrolysers

Project Nr. 90

  • EU H2020 – SEFRI
  • GEM funding: 1’336k CHF
  • Jan 2023-Dec 2028
  • Objectives: supporting the European industry in the development of the next generation electrolyser and fuel cell technologies (both low and high temperature) by developing a sustainable European supply chain of materials, components and cells, significantly less reliant on critical raw materials (CRM), with lower environmental footprint and costs, and higher performance and durability than existing technologies


AMON – Development of a next generation AMmONia FC system

Project Nr. 89

  • EU H2020 – SEFRI
  • GEM funding: 757k CHF
  • Jan 2023-Dec 2025
  • Partners: (10):  FBK (IT), SOLYDERA (IT), VTT (FI), DTU (DK), KIWA (NL & IT), ALSW (SW) ALDK (DK), ALIT (IT), EPFL GEM, (CH)
  • Objectives: developing a novel system for the utilization and conversion of ammonia into electric power at high efficiency using a solid oxide fuel cell.


ANEMEL – ANion Exchange Membrane Electrolysis from Low-grade water sources

Project Nr. 88

  • EU H2020
  • GEM funding: 777kCHF
  • Jul 2022-Jun 2026
  • Partners: (8):  NUI Galway (IE), AGFA (BE), IDeN (IT), TECHNION (IL), AGATA, LEITAT (ES), TUB (DE), EPFL GEM, (CH)
  • Objectives: ANEMEL aims at the development of an anion exchange membrane electrolyzer that operates using low-grade water sources such as saline and wastewater, to produce green hydrogen using renewable sources.




Project Nr. 87

  • Bridge – Clean highest efficiency hybrid power generation
  • GEM funding: 777kCHF
  • Jul 2022-Jun 2026
  • Partners: (2):  EPFL GEM, EPFL LAMD, (CH)
  • Objectives:


Project Nr. 86

  • Innosuisse
  • GEM funding: 178kCHF
  • Jan2022-Acr 2023
  • Partners: (3):  EPFL GEM, HES-SO, WAW (CH)
  • Objectives: an efficient and mobile Fuel Cell system that delivers BioEnergy, i.e. electricity produced out of BioMass, via the reforming of renewable Ethanol. BioEnergy production that is clean, cost-effective, CO2 neutral, and adapted to the demand of charging points for e-mobility.


Project Nr. 85

  • Holdigaz
  • GEM funding: 178kCHF
  • Nov2021-Oct 2023
  • Partners: (2):  EPFL GEM, Holigaz, (CH),
  • Objectives: Construction of a novel bioelectrical reactor to produce >95% biomethane in one step from wastewaters and other CO2 sources, for gas grid injection and small-scale CNG mobility applications

Heat Flux

Project Nr. 84

  • InnoSuisse
  • GEM funding: 158kCHF
  • Mar2021-Feb2023
  • Partners: (2):  EPFL GEM, HES-SO, (CH),
  • Objectives: Development of a heat flux sensor for in-situ measurements in metallurgical thermal treatments.


REACTT – REliable Advanced Diagnostics and Control Tools for increased lifetime of solid oxide cell Technology

Project Nr. 83

  • EU-H2020
  • GEM funding: 370kCHF
  • Jan2021-Dec2023
  • Partners: (10):  JSI (SI), CEA (FR), UNISA, Bitron, ENEA,(IT), EPFL GEM, HES-SO, SP (CH), VTT (FI), AVL (AT)
  • Objectives:

Prometeo – Hydrogen PROduction by MEans of solar heat and power in high TEmperature Solid Oxide Electrolysers

Project Nr. 82

  • EU-H2020
  • GEM funding: 446kCHF
  • Jan2021-Jun2024
  • Partners: (9):  ENEA, FBK, Snam, Nextchiem (IT), Capital Energy, IMDEA (ES), EPFL GEM, SP (CH), Stamicarbon (NL)
  • Objectives:



AMY – Anionic polymer membrane electrolysis for H2 production with critical materials


Project Nr. 81

  • GEM funding: 268kCHF
  • Jan2021-Sep2023
  • Partners: (2):  EPFL GEM, LSCI (CH)
  • Objectives:

RCH4 – District demostrator with power to gas efficient heat recovery and distribution and CO2 capture

Project Nr. 80

  • GEM funding: 936kCHF
  • Sep2020-Aug2023
  • Partners: (1):  EPFL GEM, (CH)
  • Objectives:


Nautilus – Nautical Integrated Hybrid Energy System for Long-haul Cruise Ships

Project Nr. 79

  • EU-H2020
  • GEM funding: 442kCHF
  • Jul2020-Dec2024
  • Partners: (15):  DRL, CM, MAN, MW (DE), CEA (FR), EPFL GEM, SP (CH), GG (CZ), LR (UK), SP (IT), UKUND (SE), VTT (FI)
  • Objectives:


NewSoc – Next Generation solid oxide fuel cell and electrolysis technology

Project Nr. 78

  • EU-H2020
  • GEM funding: 458kCHF
  • Jan2020-Jun2023
  • Partners: (16):  DTU (DK), CEA (FR), UNISA, Polito, SP (IT), IREC (ES), IEn (PL), TNO (NL), FORTH, CERTH (EL), VTT (FI), EPFL GEM, HEXIS (CH), ELCOGEN (EE), Sunfire (DE), CERES (UK)
  • Objectives:


RUBY – Enhancement of durability and reliability of stationary PEM and SOFC systems by implementation and integration of advanced diagnostic and control tools

Project Nr. 77

  • EU-H2020
  • GEM funding: 338kCHF
  • Jan2020-Dec2023
  • Partners: (11):  UNISA, SP, Birton, FBK (IT), CEA, UBFC, UFC (FR), Ballard (DK), JSI (SI), EPFL GEM, SP (CH)
  • Objectives


Project Nr. 76

  • EU-H2020
  • GEM funding: 324kCHF
  • Jan2020-Dec2022
  • Partners: (7):  FBK(IT), EPFL GEM, SP (CH), HyGear, Shell (NL), DLR (DE), SwecoPL (PL)
  • Objectives:.


Project Nr. 75
  • Industrial
  • GEM funding: 491kCHF
  • Jun2019-Mar2023
  • Partners: (2):  EPFL GEM (CH), GAZNAT (CH)
  • Objectives: High efficiency Power-to-Methane system based on direct thermal coupling between steam electolyzer and catalytic methanator.

BLAZE – Biomass Low cost Advanced Zero Emission small-to-medium scale integrated gasifier-fuel cell combined heat and power plant

Project Nr. 74
  • EU-H2020
  • GEM funding: 385kCHF
  • Mar2019-Feb2022
  • Partners: (10): USGM (IT-lead), UNIVAQ (IT), EPFL GEM & LAMD (CH), SP (CH), ENEA (IT), HYGEAR (NL), WT (IT), VERTECH (FR), EUBIA (BE)
  • Objectives: Developing Low cost, Advanced and Zero Emission first-of-a-kind small-to-medium Biomass CHP. This aim is reached by developing bubbling fluidised bed technology integrating high temperature cleaning & conditioning system.
  • Link: to offcial website

AD Astra – HArnessing Degradation mechanisms to prescribe Accelerated Stress Tests for the Realization of SOC lifetime prediction Algorithms

Project Nr. 73
  • EU-H2020
  • GEM funding: 347kCHF
  • Jan2019-Dec2021
  • Partners: (10): ENEA (IT-lead), CEA (FR), EPFL GEM (CH), SP (IT), DTU (NL), EIFER (DE), UNIGE (IT), UNISA (IT), SUNFIRE (DE), IEES (BG)
  • Objectives: define Accelerated Stress Testing (AST) protocols deduced from a systematic understanding of degradation mechanisms of aged components in solid oxide cell (SOC) stacks, operating in both fuel cell and electrolysis modes. In particular, fuel and oxygen electrode issues and interconnect contact loss will be tackled.
  • Link: to offcial website

Waste 2 Grids -Converting WASTE to offer flexible GRID balancing Services with highly-integrated, efficient solid-oxide plants

Project Nr. 72
  • EU-H2020
  • GEM funding: 287kCHF
  • Jan2019-Jun2020
  • Partners: (4): EPFL GEM (CH – lead), SP (CH), ENEA (IT), DTU (DK)
  • Objectives: identify the most promising industrial pathways of waste gasification and solid-oxide cell (SOC) integrated power-balancing plants (W2G plants in short)
  • Link: to offcial website

WASTE 2 WATTS – Unlocking unused bio-WASTE resources with loW cost cleAning and Thermal inTegration with Solid oxide fuel cells

Project Nr. 71
  • EU-H2020
  • GEM funding: 338 kCHF
  • Jan2019-Dec2020
  • Partners: (11): EPFL GEM (CH – lead), SP (IT), SP (CH), SUNFIRE (DE), BIOKOMP (IT), AROL (FR), PTO (IT), CEA (FR), ENEA (IT), EREP (CH), PSI (CH)
  • Objectives: Two cleaning approaches and hardware will be developed: one for small scale units (5-50 kWe), one for medium-to-large scale units (≥500 kWe). For both cases the hardware will be built and installed on real biogas-sites treating different wastes. Gas analytics will validate the approaches. A detailed full system model will be implemented,  with the targets to maximise net electrical efficiency and minimise cost.
  • Link: to offcial website

HOTCAT4STEAM – Integrated steam generation for Solid Oxide Electrolysis via downstram catalytic fuel synthesis

Project Nr. 70
  • OFEN
  • GEM funding: 149 kCHF
  • Nov2018-Mar2021
  • Partners: (2): EPFL GEM (CH – lead), HSR (CH),
  • Objectives: Develop a steam generator and steam conditioner and integrate both in power-to-gas plant.
  • Link: to offcial website

AWESOME – Analysis of Solid Oxide Materials close to Working conditions by Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy

Project Nr. 69
  • FNS
  • GEM funding: 195 kCHF
  • Nov2017-Oct2019
  • Partners: : EPFL GEM (CH – lead), EPFL CIME
  • Objectives: Control opertating conditions in an environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM)

BIOSWEET II – Biomass for Swiss Energy future

Project Nr. 68
  • GEM funding: 478 kCHF
  • Jan2017-Dec2020
  • Objectives:

TEACHY – Teaching Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Science and Engineering Across Europe within Horizon 2020

Project Nr. 67
  • EU-H2020
  • GEM funding: 121 kCHF
  • Nov2017-Oct2020
  • Partners: (12): UOB (UK – lead), TU Delft (NL), EPFL (CH), DTU (DK), POLITO (IT), NTUU KPI (UA), VSCHT (CZ), ULB (BE), UPB (RO), Grenoble INP (FR) ULSTER (UK), KIT (DE).
  • Objectives: building a repository of university grade educational material, and design and run an MSc course in FCHT, accessible to students from all parts of Europe.
  • Link: to offcial website

INSIGHT – ImplementatioN in real SOFC Systems of monItoring and diaGnostic tools using signal analysis to increase tHeir lifeTime

Project Nr. 66
  • EU-H2020 (SEFRI)
  • GEM funding: 431 kCHF
  • Jan2017-Dec2019
  • Partners: (11): CEA (FR – lead), SP (IT), HTC (CH), EPFL (CH), DTU (DK), UNISA (IT), JSI (SL), AVL (AT), VTT (FI), Bitron (IT), AK (FR).
  • Objectives: developing a Monitoring, Diagnostic and Lifetime Tool (MDLT) for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) stacks and the hardware necessary for its implementation into a real SOFC system.
  • Link: to offcial website

CH2P – Cogeneration of Hydrogen and Power using solid oxide based system fed by methane rich gas

Project Nr. 65
  • EU-H2020 (SEFRI)
  • GEM funding: 723 kCHF
  • Feb2017-Jul2020
  • Partners: (8): FBK (IT – lead), SP (IT), HTC (CH), EPFL (CH), DLR (DE), HYGEAR (NL), SHELL (NL), VTG (FR)
  • Objectives: Demonstration of a high temperature co-generative SOFC system producing hydrogen and power in a flexible way, addressing the usage scenario of industrial applications through in-field testing. CH2P will be able to advance the final integrated technology from TRL 4 to TRL 6.
  • Link: to offcial website

Balance – Increasing penetration of renewable power, alternative fuels and grid flexibility by cross-vector electrochemical processes

Project Nr. 64
  • EU-H2020 (SEFRI)
  • FuelMat funding: 355 k€
  • Oct2016-Sep2019
  • Partners (8) : VTT (FIN – lead), F, DK, IT, UK, NL, POL
  • Objectives : R & D and demonstration of a reversible SOFC – SOEC system helping the intergration of wind and solar electricity production in the European electrical grid.
  • Outcome: ongoing
  • Link to official website

Pentagon – Unlocking European grid local flexibility trough augmented energy conversion capabilities at district-level

Project Nr. 63
  • EU-H2020 (SEFRI)
  • FuelMat funding: 290 k€
  • Oct2016-Sep2019
  • Partners (10) : UK (lead), BE, F, IT, CSEM (CH), HSR (CH)
  • Objectives : R & D on new generation of eco-districts, leveraging on enhanced energy conversion systems (power-to-gas) and a high level integrated management platform simultaneously acting on different energy carriers (thermal, gas and electric)
  • Outcome: ongoing
  • Link to official website

Orcepac – Revêtement d’une couche cérine pour piles à combustible

Project Nr. 62
  • Interreg-II (Canton VD, Canton VS, Confédération)
  • FuelMat funding: 80 kFr
  • Apr2016-Mar2018
  • Partners (4) : Fiaxell (CH), Univ Belfort-Montbéliard (F), Delphis (F)
  • Objectives : application by various methods of ceria barrier coating and material characterisation
  • Outcome: ongoing