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The Group of Energy Materials is a research group active primarily (but not exclusively) in the high temperature solid oxide field. Our team and approach is pluridisciplinary and addresses the aspects of

  • modeling
  • design
  • experimental validation
  • experimental characterization
  • in depth analysis

of fuel cells and electrolysers on the level of

  • components
  • cells
  • stacks
  • systems

We have small to medium scale laboratory testing and characterisation facilities and we strongly interact with EPFL partner groups in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Chemistry and the Electron Microscopy Center. In addition, we have privileged collaborations with fuel cell industry partners and are very active in European R&D projects.

Our laboratory testing and facilities on 160m2 include 30m of hoods equipped with

  • 6 rigs for components (link to pict with description)
  • 5 rigs for cells (“)
  • 3 rigs for short stacks (“)
  • 2 rigs for segmented 1-cell stacks (“)

We strongly interact with EPFL partner groups and laboratories in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Chemistry, and the Electron Microscopy Center, as well as with the University of Applied Sciences HES-SO in Sion. (http://www.hes-so.ch/)
In house facilities include a mechanical workshop, an electronic workshop, a chemical shop, gas analytics, a SEM and a TEM.
We hold privileged collaborations with fuel cell industry, within the European R&D community, and with several overseas partners.