Photochemistry I


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Photochemistry I

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Copies of slides presented during lectures are provided in pdf format. The text contained on each slide also serve as course transcript.
A transcript in printable format is also available: Printable_PC1.pdf .

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Online lectures

During the 2021 Fall semester term, the course will be taught live in presence of the students. Still, the lectures will be transmitted simultaneously by Zoom streaming and recorded. Records of the 13 lessons will be accessible from the links displayed here below..

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• Recorded lectures
Lesson 1 (24 Sep.) Lesson 2 (1 Oct.) Lesson 3 (8 Oct.) Lesson 4 (15 Oct.)
Lesson 5 (22 Oct.) Lesson 6 (29 Oct.) Lesson 7 (5 Nov.) Lesson 8 (12 Nov.)
Lesson 9 (19 Nov.) Lesson 10 (26 Nov.) Lesson 11 (3 Dec.) Lesson 12 (10 Dec.)
Lesson 13 (17 Dec.)

Textbooks (ask the teacher for a password)

B. Wardle “Principles and Applications of Photochemistry”, Wiley, 2009
J. Delaire et al. “Photophysique et photochimie”, EDP Sciences, 2016
References of other valuable textbooks

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Final oral exam 

• Date and place: January 28th, 2022 – Room CH A3 30

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Written exam of May 2015 (for training)

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