CH-110     Chimie générale avancée I
                 Équilibres et réactivité chimiques

Cours obligatoire BA1 (en français), 5 crédits ECTS

Cet enseignement vise l’établissement de bases solides en chimie quantitative. Il introduit en particulier les bases de la thermodynamique régissant les transformations physiques de la matière et les équilibres chimiques. Les premières notions d’électrochimie et de cinétique y sont également présentées.
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CH-442     Photochemistry I

Elective course MA1 (in English), 2 ECTS credits

This course presents the theoretical bases of electronic spectroscopy and molecular photophysics. The principles of the reactivity of excited states of molecules and solids under irradiation are detailed. The main classes of industrial and natural photo-chemical processes are finally described.

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CH-443     Photochemistry II

Elective course MA2 (in English), 2 ECTS credits

Following “Photochemistry I”, this course introduces the current theoretical models regarding the dynamics of electron transfer. It focuses then on photoredox processes in solution and at the surface of solids. Current technological applications, as well as the most recent advances in the field are presented.

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Research projects in molecular sciences (CH-490, CH-491, CH-599)

Elective semester projects MA1 (1a), MA2 (1b), and MA3 (2)

Original research projects in the field of the dynamics of photoinduced charge separation will make use in particular of ultrafast laser transient absorption and broadband fluorescence upconversion spectroscopies. Research topics will be chosen among the hottest subjects currently studied in the Moser research group (see Research Themes)

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