PhD Dissertations


Unravelling the mechanism of ultrafast photoinduced charge generation in organic and hybrid photovoltaic systems.

George Cameron FISH (J.-E. Moser, Dir.) 

Thesis no. 9865 (EPFL, 2022)
Detailed record

Ultrafast carrier and quasiparticle dynamics in strongly confined perovskite nanoplatelets.

Etienne Christophe SOCIE (J.-E. Moser, Dir.) 

Thesis no. 9826 (EPFL, 2022)
Detailed record

Ultra-broadband time-resolved THz spectroscopy of perovskites and nanomaterials.

Andrés BURGOS CAMINAL (J.-E. Moser, Dir.) 

Thesis no. 7891 (EPFL, 2020)
Detailed record

Charge carrier and exciton dynamics within hybrid lead halide perovskites of mixed composition and dimensionality.

Marine Eva Fedora BOUDUBAN (J.-E. Moser, Dir.) 

Thesis no. 9668 (EPFL, 2019)
Detailed record

Photoinduced charge transfer dynamics in blue-coloured diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP) dye-sensitized solar cells.

Hee-Won BAHNG (J.-E. Moser, Dir.) 

Thesis no. 9009 (EPFL, 2019)
Detailed record

A time-resolved photophysical study of hybrid organic-inorganic perovskite photovoltaic materials.

Arun Aby PARAECATTIL (J.-E. Moser, Dir.)

Thesis no. 7713 (EPFL, 2017)
Detailed record

Charge carrier dynamics at organic interfaces for polymer photovoltaics.

Mariateresa SCARONGELLA (J.-E. Moser and N. R. Banerji, Dirs)

Thesis no. 6638  (EPFL, 2015)
Detailed record

Ultrafast dynamics of photoinduced charge separation in cyanine- and polymer-based organic photovoltaic systems.

Jelissa RISSE – DE JONGHE (J.-E. Moser, Dir.)

Thesis no. 6627  (EPFL, 2015)
Detailed record

Probing interactions of molecules and pigments on titanium dioxide surfaces for photovoltaic cells, using QCM-D.

Hauke Arne HARMS (M. Grätzel and J.-E. Moser, Dirs)

Thesis no. 6363  (EPFL, 2014)
Detailed record

Time-resolved diffuse reflectance spectroscopy of efficient dye- and semiconductor-sensitized solar cells under operational conditions.

Elham GHADIRI (J.-E. Moser, Dir.)

Thesis no. 6307  (EPFL, 2014)
Detailed record

Interfacial charge transfer dynamics in solid-state hybrid organic-inorganic solar cells.

Arianna MARCHIORO (J.-E. Moser and M. Grätzel, Dirs)

Thesis no. 6221  (EPFL, 2014)
Detailed record

Linear and time-resolved THz spectroscopy of photonic and charge transporting systems.

Jan C. BRAUER (J.-E. Moser, Dir.)

Thesis no. 5444  (EPFL, 2012)
Detailed record

Solid-state sensitized heterojunction solar cells: Effect of sensitizing systems on performance and stability.

Soo-Jin MOON (M. Grätzel and J.-E. Moser, Dirs.)

Thesis no. 4977  (EPFL, 2010)
Detailed record

High performance cyanine solar cells.

Bin FAN (J.-E. Moser and F. Nüesch, Dirs.)

Thesis no. 4804  (EPFL, 2010)
Detailed record

Dynamics of electron transfer processes at the surface of dye-sensitized mesoporous semiconductor films.

Joël TEUSCHER (J.-E. Moser and M. Grätzel, Dirs.)

Thesis no. 4731  (EPFL, 2010)
Detailed record

Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic activity of commercial TiO2 powders co-doped by N and S.

Julian Andrès RENGIFO HERRERA (C. Pulgarin and J.-E. Moser, Dirs.).

Thesis no. 4441 (EPFL, 2009)
Detailed record

Effect of electronic and nuclear factors on the dynamics of dye-to-semiconductor electron transfer.

Bernard WENGER (M. Grätzel and J.-E. Moser, Dirs.)

Thesis no. 3447  (EPFL, 2006)
Detailed record

Femtosecond dynamics of electron transfer in the photosensitization of wide band gap semiconductors.

Serge PELET (M. Grätzel and J.-E. Moser, Dirs.)

Thesis no. 2626  (EPFL, 2002)
Detailed record

Photochemical and photophysical properties of diketopyrrolopyrrole organic pigments.

Martin ESCHLE (M. Grätzel and J.-E. Moser, Dirs.)

Thesis no. 1616 (EPFL, 1997)
Detailed record

From monomers to the solid state. A photophysical investigation of a merocyanine dye.

Frank NÜESCH (M. Grätzel and J.-E. Moser, Dirs.)

Thesis no. 1358  (EPFL, 1995)
Detailed record

On the photo-electrochemistry of nanocrystalline porous metaloxide semiconducting electrodes.

Ulrika BJÖRKSTÉN (M. Grätzel and J.-E. Moser, Dirs.)

Thesis no. 1345  (EPFL, 1995)
Detailed record

Dynamique des réactions de transfert d’électron induites par la lumière à la surface de semi-conducteurs colloïdaux.

Jacques E. MOSER (M. Grätzel, Dir.)

Thesis no. 616 (EPFL, 1986)
Detailed record