Group for Functionalized Biomaterials

The Group for Functionalized Biomaterials is interested in the development of polymeric materials and multifunctional nanoparticles for biomedical applications.
• Polymeric hydrogels for cell transplantation
• Surface functionalization
• Polymeric nano-assemblies for gene delivery
• Theranostic nanoparticles

The research activities of our group are devoted to the development of new chemical entities for bio-applications. We are mainly interested in the design, synthesis and evaluation of functionalized nanomaterials and biomaterials for therapeutic applications as imaging probes, theranostics and cell transplantation devices.


Teaching award © 2022 EPFL

Congratulations to Perrine for a 2022 Teaching Award!

— Congratulations to Perrine who received a 2022 Teaching Award in recognition of her commitment to the education activities of the Section of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at EPFL.

IJMS © 2022 EPFL

The paper of Laura is online in Macromolecular Bioscience

— Congratulations to Laura and Perrine for their publication entitled "Core-shell Structured Chitosan-polyethylenimine Nanoparticles for Gene Delivery: Improved Stability, Cellular Uptake, and Transfection Efficiency" which has just been released in Macromolecular Bioscience.

New comers 09.2022 © 2022 EPFL

Welcome to Ines and Simon!

— After successful completion of his MSc degree, Simon Dumolard is joining back our group for a Master valorization internship until the end of the year. He will further develop the multimodal capacities of harmonic nanoparticles for cancer bioimaging applications. Ines Lopez is joining our group for her MSc internship. She will work on the conjugation of antibodies to the surface of harmonic nanoparticles to enhance the targeting abilities of these nanomaterials.

SCS Fall Meeting - Zurich © 2022 EPFL

Alessandra and Adrian presented their work at the SCS Fall Meeting!

— At the occasion of the Fall Meeting of the Swiss Chemical Society 2022, which was held at the Irchel Campus of the University of Zurich on September 8th 2022, Alessandra and Adrian presented their research projects in the domain of cancer diagnosis and treatment with functionalized harmonic nanoparticles.

ESB2022 © 2022 EPFL

Perrine is presenting her research work at ESB 2022.

— Perrine is attending the 32nd Annual Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB 2022) which is held in Bordeaux (France) from 04 to 08 September 2022.

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