Group for Functionalized Biomaterials

The Group for Functionalized Biomaterials is interested in the development of polymeric materials and multifunctional nanoparticles for biomedical applications.
• Polymeric hydrogels for cell transplantation
• Surface functionalization for the engineering of viral biosensors
• Polymeric nano-assemblies for gene delivery
• Theranostic nanoparticles

The research activities of our group are devoted to the development of new chemical entities for bio-applications. We are mainly interested in the design, synthesis and evaluation of functionalized nanomaterials, thin surfaces and biomaterials for therapeutic applications as imaging probes, theranostics nanoparticles, cell transplantation devices and viral biosensors.


Sinergia project © GBF / 2023 EPFL

A post-doctoral position is opened in our group!

— A post-doctoral position in the "Design and engineering of multifunctional lipid-based nanocarriers for gene delivery" is opened in our group.

DNA biosensors © 2023 EPFL - CC-BY

The publication of Ali is online in RSC Advances – congratulations!

— Congratulations to Alireza Kavand for the publication of his recent study on branched peptide-based spacers for the engineering of DNA biosensors! Also many thanks to Perrine Robin, Lucas Mayoraz and Mounir Mensi for their key contirbution to this work.

TOC publications © 2023 EPFL

Two new publications online!

— Great week for the GBF! Congratulation to Perrine Robin for her publication on the modulation of the sensing surface properties of DNA biosensors by spacing and diluting effects, which has just been accepted in Helvetica and will be part of the second special collection of articles highlighting female authors in the chemical sciences. We also warmly thank Lucas Mayoraz, Pauline Skigin and Mounir Mensi for their contribution to this study. We are very pleased to have contributed to the publication of the SYMME team (Prof. Yannick Mugnier) on the study of nucleation and crystallization of LiNbO3 harmonic nanoparticles which has just been released in Small. Congratulations to Adrian Gheata and Aurélien Bornet.

Master poster session © 2023 EPFL

Welcome Pauline and congratulations!

— We are very pleased to welcome back Pauline Skigin in our group for a three months Master valorization internship. After her Master project in the domain of DNA biosensors, she will explore new nanoparticulate systems to assess the sensing capacities of viral screening devices.

GBF Team © F. Noverraz / 2023 EPFL

The new GBF picture!

— We are pleased to share our new group picture.

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