Group for Functionalized Biomaterials

The Group for Functionalized Biomaterials is interested in the development of polymeric materials and multifunctional nanoparticles for biomedical applications.
• Polymeric hydrogels for cell transplantation
• Surface functionalization
• Polymeric nano-assemblies for gene delivery
• Theranostic nanoparticles

The research activities of our group are devoted to the development of new chemical entities for bio-applications. We are mainly interested in the design, synthesis and evaluation of functionalized nanomaterials and biomaterials for therapeutic applications as imaging probes, theranostics and cell transplantation devices.


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Congratulations to Laura for her PhD thesis exam!

— On 28.06.2022, Laura passed her PhD thesis oral defense on her research work entitled "Engineering of Chitosan-Based Deivatives for Non-Viral Gene Delivery". The evaluation committee was composed by Dr Anja Träger (Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany), Prof. Dr Jean-Christophe Leroux (ETH Zurich), Dr Ruud Hovius (EPF Lausanne) and Prof. Christian Heinis (EPF Lausanne).

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Congratulations to Alessandra for her candidacy exam!

— On 27.06.2022, Alessandra passed her candidacy exam. We thank the jury members – Profs Yimon Aye and Christian Heinis – for their evaluation of the research plan and presentation, and for the very interesting discussion.

GSENN2022 speakers© S. Ameelia / GSENN 2022

Sandrine Gerber gives a keynote lecture at the GSENN2022

— Sandrine Gerber participated in the 2nd Global Summit and Expo on Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials in Copenhagen, Denmark, 13-15 June 2022. She gave a keynote lecture entitled "Functionalized Harmonic Nanoparticles for Controlled Drug Release and Targeted Bioimaging Applications"

NIR light triggered release of chemotherapeutics © S. Gerber / 2022 EPFL

The paper of Adrian has just appeared in ACS Nanoscience Au

— Congratulations to Adrian for his paper on the NIR light triggered release of EGFR targeting anticancer chemotherapeutics from harmonic nanoparticles conjugates.

GBF team©F. Noverraz / 2022 EPFL

Welcome to GBF new members!

— New members have recently joined the GBF team: Simon Dumolard for his Master thesis Laetitia Freymond for her internship as laboratory assistant trainee Alireza Kavand as post-doctoral fellow

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