3D manufacturing processes

Prof. Yves Bellouard

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Prof. Yves Bellouard, Head of the Galatea lab
Metal infiltration in transparent substrates

In collaboration with the laboratory of Prof. Andreas Mortensen (LMM), we investigate the combination of metal infiltration processes and femtosecond laser exposure and etching to create three dimensional micro-scale metal structures free or embedded in a transparent substrate.

Staff members involved in this research

Enrico Casamenti

Laser morphing process

Manufacturing object with nanometer resolution and yet with overall features sizes of hundreds of microns or more is extremely difficult and requires new approaches.

Here, we investigate how this can be done by transforming a shape into another one. While this idea has been used for creating disc resonators or for melting optical fiber-tips into lenses for instance using CO2 lasers, here, we explore how this concept can be expanded to more complex shapes and eventually generalized.

Staff members involved in this research

Samuel Benketaf

Sub-micron laser structuring

The structuring of materials down to sub-micron resolution has multiple applications, non-only for information storage but also for shaping light in general.

Staff members involved in this research

Ruben Ricca