Our pedagogical approach was nicely documented by Helena Kovacs, Mirjam Mekhaiel, Julien Delisle and Olivier Porchet in this documentary video.

The EPFL logo subject to stress. Data measured using DIC in the DLL during Experimental Methods in Engineering Mechanics, ME-412. Thanks to Luc Castenet for implementing the sample mold design!

Experimental methods in engineering mechanics (EMEM, ME 412)

A hands-on laboratory class at the MA level. I developed This experimental methods class as a modular class, providing interactive and challenging opportunities for students to practice the scientific method while learning state-of-the-art experimental methods in the field of mechanics. This course was developed using the facilities of the DLL. Students are responsible for all stages of the scientific process, from design and development of apparatus up through hypothesis formulation and testing, and finally identification and presentation of results in a report.

Continuum Mechanics (MMC, ME 201)

ME 201 is taught ex-cathedra with a weekly exercise session. A large-format class with more than 200 2nd year BA students. Typically 8-10 students assist with exercise sessions. Exams include TF, multiple choice and long-form exercises. Two exams are held per offering, a mid-term and a final exam.