Selected publications from past 6 years:


X. Wei, C. Li, C. McCarthy and J.M. Kolinski. Complexity of crack front geometry enhances toughness of brittle solids. Nat. Phys. (2024) (publisher’s version)

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L. Rozen-Levy, J.M. Kolinski, Gil Cohen and J. Fineberg. How fast cracks in brittle solids choose their path. PRL 125 2020 (publisher’s version)

Droplets & Wetting

R. Kaviani and J.M. Kolinski. Characteristic rupture height of the mediating air film beneath an impacting drop on atomically smooth mica. Phys. Rev. Fluids 8, 103602 2023 (publisher’s versionEditor’s selection

M. Coux, J.M. Kolinski. Surface textures suppress viscoelastic braking on soft substrates. PNAS 117, 32285-32292 2020 (publisher’s version)

W. Dhaouadi and J.M. Kolinski. Bretherton’s buoyant bubble. Phys. Rev. Fluids 4, 123601 2019 (publisher’s version)

Experimental Methods

T. Benkley, C. Li and J.M. Kolinski. Estimation of the Deformation Gradient Tensor by Particle Tracking Near a Free Boundary with Quantified Error. Experimental Mechanics. 63, 1255–1270, 2023 (publisher’s version)

R. Kaviani, J.M. Kolinski. High Resolution Interferometric Imaging of Liquid-Solid Interfaces with HOTNNET. Experimental Mechanics 63, 309–321 (2023). (publisher’s version)

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