Lightning Electromagnetic Field Measuring System

Made in collaboration with Western University of Applied Sciences (Prof. M. Rubinstein) and Wavemind

Overall Frequency Bandwidth: DC-10 MHz


1. General

The system is composed by:

  • An electric field flat plate antenna
  • A magnetic field double-loop antenna
  • Low noise analog integration and amplification
  • 10 bits A/D and D/A conversion
  • Data transmission via optical fiber link
  • BNC outputs for scope visualization
  • Battery supply option available
  • Calibration input 

2. Input signal conditioning stage:

  • Input protection against overvoltages (spark gap)
  • Input impedances: low impedance (50 Ù) for electric field signal and high impedance (1 MÙ)  for magnetic field signal
  • Time constant of the integration > 1ms
  • Four levels of gain (remote selection)  
  • Pre-filtering (anti-aliasing)
  • Frequency sampling: 25 MHz


          Fig.1 – Schematic of the measurement system


          Fig.2 – E-field flat plate and double loop H-field antennas


          Fig.3 – Transmission system circuit and fiberoptic connection