The Säntis Tower is a 124-meter tall tower sitting on the top of the 2502-m tall Mount Säntis located in the Appenzell region in the northeast of Switzerland. The structure serves mainly as a telecommunications tower and as a weather station. The Säntis station has been instrumented using advanced and modern equipment including remote monitoring and control capabilities for an accurate measurement of lightning current parameters.

Including Software & Measuring Equipment.

List of our current research projects:

Lightning electromagnetic effects
  funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation

Lightning Protection of Modern Wind Turbines
  funded by the Bern Electrical Utilities Ecology Fund

EMC Aspects of Power Line Communication (PLC) Systems
  funded by the European Commission

EMC in Space and Transportation Systems
  funded by the European Space Agency

Intentional Electromagnetic Interferences
  funded by the European Commission and the Swisselectric Research

Electromagnetic Shielding using Nanoparticles Embedded in Polymer Matrix Composites
  funded by Armasuisse Science and Technology

Application of High Power Electromagnetics to Human Safety
  funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and cooperation@epfl

Development of a system for the measurement of broadband impulse electric and magnetic fields
  funded by the Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI

– Application of Electromagnetic Time Reversal to lightning location

– Application of Electromagnetic Time Reversal to the detection of fault in power networks