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Multi-well plate lid for single-step pooling of 96 samples for high-throughput barcode-based sequencing

S. Boder-Pasche; M. Demir; S. Heub; M. Garzuel; R. Ischer et al. 

Biomedical Microdevices. 2024-06-01. Vol. 26, num. 2, p. 18. DOI : 10.1007/s10544-024-00702-5.


Journal Articles

Systematic benchmarking of single-cell ATAC-sequencing protocols

F. V. De Rop; G. Hulselmans; C. Flerin; P. Soler-Vila; A. Rafels et al. 

Nature Biotechnology. 2023-08-03. DOI : 10.1038/s41587-023-01881-x.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa type IV pili actively induce mucus contraction to form biofilms in tissue-engineered human airways

T. Rossy; T. Distler; L. Meirelles; J. Pezoldt; J. Kim et al. 

Plos Biology. 2023-08-01. Vol. 21, num. 8, p. e3002209. DOI : 10.1371/journal.pbio.3002209.

Single-cell biology: what does the future hold?

M. Polychronidou; J. Hou; M. M. Babu; P. Liberali; I. Amit et al. 

Molecular Systems Biology. 2023-06-15. DOI : 10.15252/msb.202311799.

Direct In Vivo Activation of T Cells with Nanosized Immunofilaments Inhibits Tumor Growth and Metastasis

L. Weiss; J. Weiden; Y. Dolen; E. M. Grad; E. A. W. van Dinther et al. 

Acs Nano. 2023-06-20. DOI : 10.1021/acsnano.2c11884.

MarrowQuant 2.0: A Digital Pathology Workflow Assisting Bone Marrow Evaluation in Experimental and Clinical Hematology

R. Sarkis; O. Burri; C. Royer-Chardon; F. Schyrr; S. Blum et al. 

Modern Pathology. 2023. Vol. 36, num. 4, p. 100088. DOI : 10.1016/j.modpat.2022.100088.


Chromatin modules and their implication in genomic organization and gene regulation

G. van Mierlo; O. Pushkarev; J. F. Kribelbauer; B. Deplancke 

Trends In Genetics. 2023-02-01. Vol. 39, num. 2, p. 140-153. DOI : 10.1016/j.tig.2022.11.003.


Novel quantitative bioengineered tools to track human bone marrow niche cellular constituents in health and disease

R. Sarkis / B. Deplancke; O. M. Naveiras Torres-Quiroga (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2023. 

A single-cell-based characterization of mammalian adipose stem and progenitor cell heterogeneity and function

P. Y. Rainer / B. Deplancke (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2023. 

Cross-anatomical single-cell definition and characterization of human adipose progenitor niche

R. Ferrero / B. Deplancke (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2023. 


Optimised set of oligonucleotides for bulk rna barcoding and sequencing

R. Dainese; D. Alpern; V. Gardeux; B. Deplancke 



System and method for single cell phenotypical profiling and deterministic nanoliter-droplet encapsulation and deterministic droplet consortia assemblies

J. Bues; J. Pezoldt; B. Deplancke 



Biological material pooling device for biological or biomolecule purification

R. Dainese; D. Alpern; B. Deplancke; K. Ragios 




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Postnatal expansion of mesenteric lymph node stromal cells towards reticular and CD34(+) stromal cell subsets

J. Pezoldt; C. Wiechers; M. Zou; M. Litovchenko; M. Biocanin et al. 

Nature Communications. 2022-11-24. Vol. 13, num. 1, p. 7227. DOI : 10.1038/s41467-022-34868-4.

Diverse cell-specific patterns of alternative polyadenylation in Drosophila

S. Lee; Y-C. Chen; A. E. Gillen; J. M. Taliaferro; B. Deplancke et al. 

Nature Communications. 2022-09-13. Vol. 13, num. 1, p. 5372. DOI : 10.1038/s41467-022-32305-0.

Live-seq enables temporal transcriptomic recording of single cells

W. Chen; O. Guillaume-Gentil; P. Y. Rainer; C. G. Gaebelein; W. Saelens et al. 

Nature. 2022-08-17. Vol. 608, p. 733–740. DOI : 10.1038/s41586-022-05046-9.

Mammalian adipogenesis regulator (Areg) cells use retinoic acid signalling to be non- and anti-adipogenic in age-dependent manner

M. Zachara; P. Y. Rainer; H. Hashimi; J. M. Russeil; D. Alpern et al. 

Embo Journal. 2022-08-22.  p. e108206. DOI : 10.15252/embj.2021108206.

A Tead1-Apelin axis directs paracrine communication from myogenic to endothelial cells in skeletal muscle

U. Lee; P. Stuelsatz; S. Karaz; D. W. McKellar; J. Russeil et al. 

Iscience. 2022-07-15. Vol. 25, num. 7, p. 104589. DOI : 10.1016/j.isci.2022.104589.

A leukemia-protective germline variant mediates chromatin module formation via transcription factor nucleation

G. Llimos; V. Gardeux; U. Koch; J. F. Kribelbauer; A. Hafner et al. 

Nature Communications. 2022-04-19. Vol. 13, num. 1, p. 2042. DOI : 10.1038/s41467-022-29625-6.

Fly Cell Atlas: A single-nucleus transcriptomic atlas of the adult fruit fly

H. Li; J. Janssens; M. De Waegeneer; S. S. Kolluru; K. Davie et al. 

Science. 2022-03-04. Vol. 375, num. 6584, p. eabk2432. DOI : 10.1126/science.abk2432.

Deterministic scRNA-seq captures variation in intestinal crypt and organoid composition

J. Bues; M. Biocanin; J. Pezoldt; R. Dainese; A. Chrisnandy et al. 

Nature Methods. 2022-02-14. Vol. 19, p. 323–330. DOI : 10.1038/s41592-021-01391-1.

Spatial proteogenomics reveals distinct and evolutionarily conserved hepatic macrophage niches

M. Guilliams; J. Bonnardel; B. Haest; B. Vanderborght; C. Wagner et al. 

Cell. 2022-01-20. Vol. 185, num. 2, p. 379-+. DOI : 10.1016/j.cell.2021.12.018.

Conference Papers

A Label-Free, High-Throughput Phenotypic Screen Of Adipocytic Differentiation Modulators To Accelerate Hematopoietic Recovery

O. Naveiras; F. Schyrr; V. Campos; A. Alonso-Calleja; B. von der Weid et al. 

2022-01-01. 51st Annual Scientific Meeting of the International-Society-for-Experimental-Hematology (ISEH), Edinburgh, SCOTLAND, Sep 01-04, 2022. p. S38-S38.

MarrowQuant 2.0: clinical application of a user-friendly digital hematopathology tool for human bone marrow trephine biopsies

R. Sarkis; O. Burri; C. Royer-Chardon; S. Blum; F. Schyrr et al. 

2022-09-01.  p. S75-S75.


Current challenges in understanding the role of enhancers in disease

J. B. Zaugg; P. Sahlen; R. Andersson; M. Alberich-Jorda; W. de Laat et al. 

Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. 2022-12-08. Vol. 29, p. 1148–1158. DOI : 10.1038/s41594-022-00896-3.


Molecular Regulation of Muscle Stem Cell Fate during Skeletal Muscle Regeneration and Aging

S. Ancel / J. Feige; B. Deplancke (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2022. 


Method of preparation of cdna library useful for efficient mrna sequencing and uses thereof

D. Alpern; R. Dainese; B. Deplancke; M. Demir 

US2023366021; WO2022069039.



Journal Articles

Recent advances in trajectory inference from single-cell omics data

L. Deconinck; R. Cannoodt; W. Saelens; B. Deplancke; Y. Saeys 

Current Opinion In Systems Biology. 2021-09-01. Vol. 27, p. 100344. DOI : 10.1016/j.coisb.2021.05.005.

Single-cell transcriptional profiling of splenic fibroblasts reveals subset-specific innate immune signatures in homeostasis and during viral infection

J. Pezoldt; C. Wiechers; F. Erhard; U. Rand; T. Bulat et al. 

Communications Biology. 2021-12-02. Vol. 4, num. 1, p. 1355. DOI : 10.1038/s42003-021-02882-9.

LncRNA Ctcflos orchestrates transcription and alternative splicing in thermogenic adipogenesis

A. Bast-Habersbrunner; C. Kiefer; P. Weber; T. Fromme; A. Schiessl et al. 

Embo Reports. 2021-05-31.  p. e51289. DOI : 10.15252/embr.202051289.

Disparate temperature-dependent virus-host dynamics for SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV in the human respiratory epithelium

P. V’kovski; M. Gultom; J. N. Kelly; S. Steiner; J. Russeil et al. 

Plos Biology. 2021-03-01. Vol. 19, num. 3, p. e3001158. DOI : 10.1371/journal.pbio.3001158.

The Hippo pathway controls myofibril assembly and muscle fiber growth by regulating sarcomeric gene expression

A. Kaya-Copur; F. Marchiano; M. Y. Hein; D. Alpern; J. Russeil et al. 

Elife. 2021-01-06. Vol. 10, p. e63726. DOI : 10.7554/eLife.63726.

Extensive tissue-specific expression variation and novel regulators underlying circadian behavior

M. Litovchenko; A. C. A. Meireles-Filho; M. Frochaux; R. P. J. Bevers; A. Prunotto et al. 

Science Advances. 2021-01-01. Vol. 7, num. 5, p. eahc3781. DOI : 10.1126/sciadv.abc3781.


Toward a mechanistic understanding of variable chromatin modules

G. Llimos Aubach / B. Deplancke (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2021. 

The role and transcriptional regulation of FAM46A in adipocyte differentiation

A-K. Hov / B. Deplancke; N. Gheldof (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2021. 

Developing new tools to study and program cell fate at the single-cell level

M. Biocanin / B. Deplancke (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2021. 

Towards scalable and deterministic single cell gene expression profiling

J. J. Bues / B. Deplancke (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2021. 


Journal Articles

Mitochondrial gene signature in the prefrontal cortex for differential susceptibility to chronic stress

M. Weger; D. Alpern; A. Cherix; S. Ghosal; J. Grosse et al. 

Scientific Reportds. 2020. Vol. 10, num. 1, p. 18308. DOI : 10.1038/s41598-020-75326-9.

Genomic Analysis of European Drosophila melanogaster Populations Reveals Longitudinal Structure, Continent-Wide Selection, and Previously Unknown DNA Viruses

M. Kapun; M. G. Barron; F. Staubach; D. J. Obbard; R. A. W. Wiberg et al. 

Molecular Biology And Evolution. 2020-09-01. Vol. 37, num. 9, p. 2661-2678. DOI : 10.1093/molbev/msaa120.

Inter-embryo gene expression variability recapitulates the hourglass pattern of evo-devo

J. Liu; M. Frochaux; V. Gardeux; B. Deplancke; M. Robinson-Rechavi 

Bmc Biology. 2020-09-19. Vol. 18, num. 1, p. 129. DOI : 10.1186/s12915-020-00842-z.

Primate-restricted KRAB zinc finger proteins and target retrotransposons control gene expression in human neurons

P. Turelli; C. Playfoot; D. Grun; C. Raclot; J. Pontis et al. 

Science Advances. 2020-08-28. Vol. 6, num. 35, p. eaba3200. DOI : 10.1126/sciadv.aba3200.

ASAP 2020 update: an open, scalable and interactive web-based portal for (single-cell) omics analyses

F. P. A. David; M. Litovchenko; B. Deplancke; V. Gardeux 

Nucleic Acids Research. 2020-07-02. Vol. 48, num. W1, p. W403-W414. DOI : 10.1093/nar/gkaa412.

A parallelized, automated platform enabling individual or sequential ChIP of histone marks and transcription factors

R. Dainese; V. Gardeux; G. Llimos; D. Alpern; J. Y. Jiang et al. 

Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America. 2020-06-16. Vol. 117, num. 24, p. 13828-13838. DOI : 10.1073/pnas.1913261117.

Selective Retrieval of Individual Cells from Microfluidic Arrays Combining Dielectrophoretic Force and Directed Hydrodynamic Flow

P-E. M. Thiriet; J. Pezoldt; G. Gambardella; K. Keim; B. Deplancke et al. 

Micromachines. 2020-03-20. Vol. 11, num. 3, p. 322. DOI : 10.3390/mi11030322.

cis-regulatory variation modulates susceptibility to enteric infection in the Drosophila genetic reference panel

M. V. Frochaux; M. B. Sleiman; V. Gardeux; R. Dainese; B. Hollis et al. 

Genome Biology. 2020-01-17. Vol. 21, num. 1, p. 6. DOI : 10.1186/s13059-019-1912-z.

Enteric infection induces Lark-mediated intron retention at the 5 ‘ end of Drosophila genes

M. Bou Sleiman; M. V. Frochaux; T. Andreani; D. Osman; R. Guigo et al. 

Genome Biology. 2020-01-17. Vol. 21, num. 1, p. 4. DOI : 10.1186/s13059-019-1918-6.


Toward a Consensus View of Mammalian Adipocyte Stem and Progenitor Cell Heterogeneity

R. Ferrero; P. Rainer; B. Deplancke 

Trends In Cell Biology. 2020-12-01. Vol. 30, num. 12, p. 937-950. DOI : 10.1016/j.tcb.2020.09.007.


Computational study of transcription factor binding sites

R. F. P. Groux / B. Deplancke; P. Bucher (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2020. 

A single-cell-based identification and characterisation of Aregs, an inhibitory subpopulation of adipose stem and precursor cells

M. Zachara / B. Deplancke (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2020. 

Multi-omics reveals abundant mitochondrial genomic and circadian expression variation in the Drosophila Genetic Reference Panel

M. Litovchenko / B. Deplancke (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2020. 


Journal Articles

Mitochondrial haplotypes affect metabolic phenotypes in the Drosophila Genetic Reference Panel

R. P. J. Bevers; M. Litovchenko; A. Kapopoulou; V. S. Braman; M. R. Robinson et al. 

Nature Metabolism. 2019-12-01. Vol. 1, num. 12, p. 1226-1242. DOI : 10.1038/s42255-019-0147-3.

Systems-Genetics-Based Inference of a Core Regulatory Network Underlying White Fat Browning

Y. Li; P. C. Schwalie; A. Bast-Habersbrunner; S. Mocek; J. Russeil et al. 

Cell Reports. 2019-12-17. Vol. 29, num. 12, p. 4099-4113.e5. DOI : 10.1016/j.celrep.2019.11.053.

Dynamic regulation of chromatin accessibility by pluripotency transcription factors across the cell cycle

E. T. Friman; C. Deluz; A. C. A. Meireles-Filho; S. Govindan; V. Gardeux et al. 

Elife. 2019-12-03. Vol. 8, p. e50087. DOI : 10.7554/eLife.50087.

Sex-dependent and sex-independent regulatory systems of size variation in natural populations

H. Okada; R. Yagi; V. Gardeux; B. Deplancke; E. Hafen 

Molecular Systems Biology. 2019-11-01. Vol. 15, num. 11, p. e9012. DOI : 10.15252/msb.20199012.

Commensal Gut Bacteria Buffer the Impact of Host Genetic Variants on Drosophila Developmental Traits under Nutritional Stress

D. Ma; M. Bou-Sleiman; P. Joncour; C-E. Indelicato; M. Frochaux et al. 

Iscience. 2019-09-27. Vol. 19, p. 436-447. DOI : 10.1016/j.isci.2019.07.048.

Multilevel regulation of the glass locus during Drosophila eye development

C. Fritsch; F. J. Bernardo-Garcia; T-H. Humberg; A. K. Mishra; S. Miellet et al. 

Plos Genetics. 2019-07-01. Vol. 15, num. 7, p. e1008269. DOI : 10.1371/journal.pgen.1008269.

ZFP30 promotes adipogenesis through the KAP1-mediated activation of a retrotransposon-derived Pparg2 enhancer

W. Chen; P. C. Schwalie; E. V. Pankevich; C. Gubelmann; S. K. Raghav et al. 

Nature Communications. 2019-04-18. Vol. 10, num. 1, p. 1809. DOI : 10.1038/s41467-019-09803-9.

The NAD-Booster Nicotinamide Riboside Potently Stimulates Hematopoiesis through Increased Mitochondrial Clearance

N. Vannini; V. Campos; M. Girotra; V. Trachsel; S. Rojas-Sutterlin et al. 

Cell Stem Cell. 2019-03-07. Vol. 24, num. 3, p. 405-418.e7. DOI : 10.1016/j.stem.2019.02.012.

Differential regulation of RNA polymerase III genes during liver regeneration

M. Yeganeh; V. Praz; C. Carmeli; D. Villeneuve; L. Rib et al. 

Nucleic Acids Research. 2019-02-28. Vol. 47, num. 4, p. 1786-1796. DOI : 10.1093/nar/gky1282.

A Comprehensive Drosophila melanogaster Transcription Factor Interactome

L. Shokri; S. Inukai; A. Hafner; K. Weinand; K. Hens et al. 

Cell Reports. 2019-04-16. Vol. 27, num. 3, p. 955-970.e7. DOI : 10.1016/j.celrep.2019.03.071.

Simplified Drop-seq workflow with minimized bead loss using a bead capture and processing microfluidic chip

M. Biocanin; J. Bues; R. Dainese; E. Amstad; B. Deplancke 

Lab On A Chip. 2019-05-07. Vol. 19, num. 9, p. 1610-1620. DOI : 10.1039/c9lc00014c.

BRB-seq: ultra-affordable high-throughput transcriptomics enabled by bulk RNA barcoding and sequencing

D. Alpern; V. Gardeux; J. Russeil; B. Mangeat; A. C. A. Meireles-Filho et al. 

Genome Biology. 2019-04-19. Vol. 20, p. 71. DOI : 10.1186/s13059-019-1671-x.

Conference Papers

Epigenomic landscape defines immuno-modulatory properties across lymph node stromal cell subsets

J. Pezoldt; C. Wiechers; M. Zou; M. Litovchenko; K. Sitnik et al. 

2019-09-01. 2nd Joint Meeting of the German-Society-for-Immunology (DGfl) and the Italian-Society-of-Immunology-Clinical-Immunology-and-Allergology (SIICA), Munich, GERMANY, Sep 10-13, 2019. p. 38-39.


Elucidating regulatory mechanisms shaping the transcriptome and proteome of the gut immune response in Drosophila melanogaster

M. V. Frochaux / B. Deplancke (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2019. 

The role of the transcriptional regulator BCL6 in adipose tissue development and remodeling

T. Didonna / B. Deplancke (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2019. 

Mechanistic insights into AMP-activated protein kinase-dependent gene expression

C. Collodet / P. Descombes; B. Deplancke (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2019. 

Integrated microfluidic tools for the characterization of protein/DNA interactions in vitro and in vivo

R. Dainese / B. Deplancke (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2019. 


System for capture or immunoprecipitation of a protein-dna complex

B. Deplancke; R. Dainese 




Journal Articles

Cross-talk between emulsion drops: how are hydrophilic reagents transported across oil phases?

G. Etienne; A. Vian; M. Biočanin; B. Deplancke; E. Amstad 

Lab on a Chip. 2018-11-13. Vol. 18, num. 24, p. 3903-3912. DOI : 10.1039/C8LC01000E.

Reversible De-differentiation of Mature White Adipocytes into Preadipocyte-like Precursors during Lactation

Q. Wang; A. Song; W. Chen; P. Schwalie; F. Zhang et al. 

Cell Metabolism. 2018. Vol. 28, num. 2, p. 282-288.e3. DOI : 10.1016/j.cmet.2018.05.022.

A stromal cell population that inhibits adipogenesis in mammalian fat depots

P. Schwalie; H. Dong; M. Zachara; J. Russeil; D. Alpern et al. 

Nature. 2018. Vol. 559, num. 7712, p. 103-108. DOI : 10.1038/s41586-018-0226-8.

Engineered Multivalent Sensors to Detect Coexisting Histone Modifications in Living Stem Cells

A. M-F. Delachat; N. Guidotti; A. L. Bachmann; A. C. Meireles-Filho; H. Pick et al. 

Cell Chemical Biology. 2018-01-18. Vol. 25, num. 1, p. 51-56. DOI : 10.1016/j.chembiol.2017.10.008.

Conference Papers

The NAD plus Salvage Pathway Potently Stimulates Hematopoiesis through Increased Mitochondrial Clearance and Asymmetric Division

N. Vannini; V. Campos; M. Girotra; S. Rojas-Sutterlin; J. Tratwal et al. 

2018-11-29. 60th Annual Meeting of the American-Society-of-Hematology (ASH), San Diego, CA, Dec 01-04, 2018. DOI : 10.1182/blood-2018-99-117388.


Genetic determinants of healthy human immune variance: from humoral response to microbiome diversity

P. Scepanovic / J. Fellay; B. Deplancke (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2018. 

The phenotypic impact of naturally occurring genetic and molecular mitochondrial variation in a Drosophila Genetic Reference Population

R. P. J. Bevers / B. Deplancke (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2018. 

Computational and Statistical analyses of Molecular Evolution and Demography using Large-scale Sequencing Data

A. Kapopoulou / B. Deplancke; J. D. Jensen (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2018. 


Device for high throughput single-cell studies

B. Deplancke; J. Bues; R. Dainese; M. Biocanin 

US11872559; US2019240664; WO2018051242.



Journal Articles

Profiling of Single-Cell Transcriptomes

W. Chen; V. Gardeux; A. Meireles-Filho; B. Deplancke 

Current Protocols in Mouse Biology. 2017. Vol. 7, num. 3, p. 145-175. DOI : 10.1002/cpmo.30.

Cross-Tissue Identification of Somatic Stem and Progenitor Cells Using a Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Derived Gene Signature

P. C. Schwalie; P. Ordonez-Moran; J. Huelsken; B. Deplancke 

Stem Cells. 2017. Vol. 35, num. 12, p. 2390-2402. DOI : 10.1002/stem.2719.

Hippo, TGF-beta, and Src-MAPK pathways regulate transcription of the upd3 cytokine in Drosophila enterocytes upon bacterial infection

P. Houtz; A. Bonfini; X. Liu; J. Revah; A. Guillou et al. 

Plos Genetics. 2017. Vol. 13, num. 11, p. e1007091. DOI : 10.1371/journal.pgen.1007091.

ASAP: a web-based platform for the analysis and interactive visualization of single-cell RNA-seq data

V. Gardeux; F. P. A. David; A. Shajkofci; P. C. Schwalie; B. Deplancke 

Bioinformatics. 2017. Vol. 33, num. 19, p. 3123-3125. DOI : 10.1093/bioinformatics/btx337.

Bayesian association scan reveals loci associated with human lifespan and linked biomarkers

A. F. Mcdaid; P. K. Joshi; E. Porcu; A. Komljenovic; H. Li et al. 

Nature Communications. 2017. Vol. 8, p. 15842. DOI : 10.1038/ncomms15842.

Tissue-specific enhancer repression through molecular integration of cell signaling inputs

L. H. Mojica-Vazquez; M. H. Benetah; A. Baanannou; S. Bernat-Fabre; B. Deplancke et al. 

Plos Genetics. 2017. Vol. 13, num. 4, p. e1006718. DOI : 10.1371/journal.pgen.1006718.

Transcriptional regulatory logic of the diurnal cycle in the mouse liver

J. A. Sobel; I. Krier; T. Andersin; S. Raghav; D. Canella et al. 

PLoS Biology. 2017. Vol. 15, num. 4, p. e2001069. DOI : 10.1371/journal.pbio.2001069.

GETPrime 2.0: gene- and transcript-specific qPCR primers for 13 species including polymorphisms

F. P. A. David; J. Rougemont; B. Deplancke 

Nucleic Acids Research. 2017. Vol. 45, num. D1, p. D56-D60. DOI : 10.1093/nar/gkw913.

Dissecting the brown adipogenic regulatory network using integrative genomics

R. N. Pradhan; J. J. Bues; V. Gardeux; P. C. Schwalie; D. Alpern et al. 

Scientific Reports. 2017. Vol. 7, p. 42130. DOI : 10.1038/srep42130.

SMiLE-seq identifies binding motifs of single and dimeric transcription factors

A. Isakova; R. Groux; M. Imbeault; P. Rainer; D. Alpern et al. 

Nature methods. 2017. Vol. 14, p. 316-322. DOI : 10.1038/nmeth.4143.

Conference Papers

Disease-Informed Bayesian Association Scan Reveals Novel Loci Associated with Human Lifespan and Linked Biomarkers

A. F. Mcdaid; P. K. Joshi; N. Mounier; E. Porcu; A. Komljenovic et al. 

2017. Annual Meeting of the International-Genetic-Epidemiology-Society (IGES), Queens Coll, Cambridge, ENGLAND, SEP 09-11, 2017. p. 648-649.


Gene regulatory mechanisms underlying the intestinal innate immune response

A. C. A. Meireles-Filho; B. Deplancke 

Current Opinion In Genetics & Development. 2017. Vol. 43, p. 46-52. DOI : 10.1016/j.gde.2016.11.004.

A systems perspective on brown adipogenesis and metabolic activation

R. N. Pradhan; M. Zachara; B. Deplancke 

Obesity Reviews. 2017. Vol. 18, p. 65-81. DOI : 10.1111/obr.12512.

Transcription factor proteomics – Tools, applications, and challenges

J. Simicevic; B. Deplancke 

Proteomics. 2017. Vol. 17, num. 3-4, p. 1600317. DOI : 10.1002/pmic.201600317.


Gene regulatory dynamics underlying brown fat cell differentiation

R. N. Pradhan / B. Deplancke (Dir.)  

Lausanne, EPFL, 2017. 


Journal Articles

Potential Direct Regulators of the Drosophila yellow Gene Identified by Yeast One-Hybrid and RNAi Screens

G. Kalay; R. Lusk; M. Dome; K. Hens; B. Deplancke et al. 

G3-Genes Genomes Genetics. 2016-08-15. Vol. 6, num. 10, p. 3419-3430. DOI : 10.1534/g3.116.032607.

PDF Signaling Is an Integral Part of the Drosophila Circadian Molecular Oscillator

S. Mezan; J. D. Feuz; B. Deplancke; S. Kadener 

Cell Reports. 2016. Vol. 17, num. 3, p. 708-719. DOI : 10.1016/j.celrep.2016.09.048.

Quantification of Cooperativity in Heterodimer-DNA Binding Improves the Accuracy of Binding Specificity Models

A. Isakova; Y. Berset; V. Hatzimanikatis; B. Deplancke 

Journal Of Biological Chemistry. 2016. Vol. 291, num. 19, p. 10293-10306. DOI : 10.1074/jbc.M115.691154.


The Genetics of Transcription Factor DNA Binding Variation

B. Deplancke; D. Alpern; V. Gardeux 

Cell. 2016. Vol. 166, num. 3, p. 538-554. DOI : 10.1016/j.cell.2016.07.012.


The Drosophila gut response to infection

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