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Presentation of Prof. Bart Deplancke with laudation by Prof. Didier Trono at the Cloëtta Prize Ceremony in Zurich.


A warm welcome to two new PhD students who have recently joined our lab: Jose Antonio Vasquez Porto Viso and Antoni Gralak.


We thank Dr. Wanze Chen and Dr. Marjan Biocanin for their precious collaboration with our lab for the past few years, and we wish them all the best for their bright scientific careers ahead!


Congratulations to Prof. Bart Deplancke for being awarded the eminent 2021 Cloëtta Prize!


Alithea Genomics wins CHF 150,000 from Venture Kick to advance their BRB-seq kit offering and continue to expand the throughput and cost-efficiency of RNA-seq. Congratulations!


Maria Litovchenko from Bart Deplancke’s group explains how she and her coauthors were able to map circadian gene activity in three tissues of interest and across 140 genomes of Drosophila, by sampling each genotype only once.


A new lab publication in Science Advances: “Extensive tissue-specific expression variation and novel regulators underlying circadian behavior”

Read EPFL’s press release related to these breakthrough discoveries: “Genes that dance to the circadian rhythm.”

Discover press article from The Academic Times: “Biological clock varies due to gene expression, fruit fly study reveals.”

Listen to a recent interview on the RTS (in French) about this study.


Congratulations to Dr. Guido Van Mierlo and Dr. Wouter Saelens on being awarded with the prestigious Marie-Curie fellowships!


Daniel Alpern, Bart Deplancke, and Riccardo Dainese have developed a new technology – MERCURIUS – which offers a quick and cost-efficient way to analyse multiple gene expressions.

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We thank Dr. Magda Zachara for her precious collaboration with our lab for the past five years, and we wish her all the best for her bright scientific career ahead!


Congratulations to Dr. Guido Van Mierlo on being awarded with the prestigious EMBO fellowship!


Congratulations to Alithea genomics, an EPFL spin-off using our BRB-seq technology for securing an Innogrant of 100,000CHF.


Scientists led by Bart Deplancke, head of the Laboratory of Systems Biology and Genetics (LSBG) at EPFL’s Institute of Bioengineering, have developed a new approach to ChIP that promises to automate and lower its cost and complexity. The new method, dubbed “ FloChIP ” uses microfluidics, a bioengineering field that EPFL has helped developing and expanding.

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Congratulations to Dr. Sachi Inukai and Dr. Judith Kribelbauer on being awarded with the prestigious Marie Curie and EMBO fellowships!


Congratulations to Dr. Michael Frochaux and Dr. Maroun Bou Sleiman on publishing two research papers about Drosophila immunity in Genome biology:

cis-regulatory variation modulates susceptibility to enteric infection in the Drosophila genetic reference panel


Enteric infection induces Lark-mediated intron retention at the 5′ end of Drosophila genes