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The central research focus of the Laboratory of Systems Biology and Genetics (LSBG) is to understand genome organization, regulation, and variation and is broadly partitioned according to three major research pillars:


In the “Adipo” pillar, we are characterizing the regulatory mechanisms driving mesenchymal stromal cell heterogeneity and function in adipose biology and other metabolically relevant processes.


In the “Geno” pillar, we are examining how variation in the regulatory code affects molecular and organismal diversity.


In the “Techo” pillar, we are developing novel microfluidic, high-throughput sequencing, single cell omic, and computational approaches, which are used to address biological questions in the other two pillars.


Latest news


Congratulations to Prof. Bart Deplancke for being awarded the eminent 2021 Cloëtta Prize!


Alithea Genomics wins CHF 150,000 from Venture Kick to advance their BRB-seq kit offering and continue to expand the throughput and cost-efficiency of RNA-seq. Congratulations!


Maria Litovchenko from Bart Deplancke’s group explains how she and her coauthors were able to map circadian gene activity in three tissues of interest and across 140 genomes of Drosophila, by sampling each genotype only once.


A new lab publication in Science Advances: “Extensive tissue-specific expression variation and novel regulators underlying circadian behavior.”

Read EPFL’s press release related to these breakthrough discoveries: “Genes that dance to the circadian rhythm.”

Discover press article from The Academic Times: “Biological clock varies due to gene expression, fruit fly study reveals.”

Listen to a recent interview on the RTS (in French) about this study.

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Junior European Drosophilia Investigators (JEDI)

The JEDIs are early career scientists working on Drosophila melanogaster in Europe.


Head of laboratory: Bart Deplancke
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