Dependable Control and Decision Group

DECODE – Dependable Control and Decision Group

The DECODE (Dependable Control and Decision) group focuses on complex control systems, where coupling between subsystems, local sources of uncertainty, and structural changes can undermine reliability and generate dangerous behaviors. By leveraging tools from control theory, optimization, and machine learning, we contribute to the development of next-generation systems that are dependable, more autonomous and self adapt to changes in the internal dynamics and the surrounding environment.

The DECODE group is part of the EPFL Automatic Control Laboratory and the NCCR automation.

All software related to our publications is freely available on GitHub.

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Talk by Ran Chen

— On Thursdyay, 18/1/24, Ran Chen will give the talk "Advancing Closed-Loop Identification in Sparse Linear Systems: Insights from Controller Design through Fractional Parameterization and Sparsity Invariance". The seminar will start at 11h00 in ME C2 405. 

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Talk by Vishnu Varadan

— On Tuesday, 16/1/24, Vishnu Varadan will give the talk "Data-Driven Control Methods for Beam Wire Scanners". The seminar will start at 11h00 in ME C2 405. 

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Talk by Laura Meroi

— On Friday, 12/1/24, Laura Meroi will give the talk "Model-based vs data-driven approaches to the detection of cyber-attacks". The seminar will start at 11h00 in ME C2 405. 

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Talk by Nicolas Kirsch

— On Tuesday, 9/1/24, Nicolas Kirsch will give the talk "A Distributed Game Theoretic Approach for Optimal Battery Use in an Energy Community". The seminar will start at 11h00 in ME C2 405. 

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Talk by Sanjay Chandrasekaran on optimizing recommender systems

— On 1/12/23, Sanjay Chandrasekaran will give the talk "Optimizing recommender systems for social networks: A control-theoretic approach". The seminar will start at 11h00 in ME C2 405. 

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Welcome to Riccardo Cescon

— Riccardo has recently joined the DECODE group as a Ph.D. student. Welcome on board!

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Distributionally robust state estimation can be computed in real time

— The manuscript entitled "Regularization for distributionally robust state estimation and prediction" has been accepted for publication in the Control Systems Letters journal. It describes how one can use regularization to minimize the mean absolute error of state estimates when the system is affected by noise distributed according to a distribution of which only samples are known. By design, the method is designed offline and provides out-of-sample guarantees when deployed in the field.

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Hamiltonian Deep Neural Networks are Universal Approximators!

— Our paper "Universal Approximation Property of Hamiltonian Deep Neural Networks" is accepted in L-CSS. 

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Baiwei Guo received the Best PhD paper award at ECC23

— Best PhD paper award at ECC23

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Head of the group: Giancarlo Ferrari Trecate
Office: ME C2 398
Mail: [email protected]

Administration : Nicole Bouendin
Office : ME C2 389
Phone : +41 21 693 38 45
Fax : +41 21 693 2574
Mail : [email protected]

How to reach the DECODE group and the Laboratoire d’Automatique from the M2 metro station

Dependable Control and Decision group (DECODE)
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
ME C2 398 (Bâtiment ME) , Station 9 
CH-1015 Lausanne

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