Dependable Control and Decision group

DECODE – Dependable Control and Decision group

The DECODE (Dependable Control and Decision) group focuses on complex control systems, where coupling between subsystems, local sources of uncertainty, and structural changes can undermine reliability and generate dangerous behaviors. By leveraging tools from control theory, optimization, and machine learning, we contribute to the development of next-generation systems that are dependable, more autonomous and self adapt to changes in the internal dynamics and the surrounding environment.

The DECODE group is part of the Automatic Control Laboratory and the NCCR automation.


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ETHZ-EPFL Summer School on data-driven control

— Summer school on "Foundations and mathematical guarantees of data-driven control", June 9th-15th, 2021, ETHZ, Zurich.

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New paper in IEEE TCST

— Our paper on hierarchical control of DC microgrids has been published in the IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology. 

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Welcome to Muhammad Zakwan

— Muhammad has started his PhD within DECODE. He'll develop new algorithms inspired by control theory for designing reliable deep networks.

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Fun chats on Thursday evening

— Due to the pandemic restrictions, not all group members were able to meet in person the new students. Too bad! Therefore we started series of meetings on Zoom for fun chats. The first episode was on air yesterday evening!

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Andrea Martin starts his PhD in the DECODE group

— Welcome to Andrea Martin! During his PhD, he will study stochastic system modelling for data-based control. Andrea also participates to the NCCR Automation

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Luca Furieri joins the DECODE group

— Luca Furieri has just started his PostDoc in our group, bringing his expertise on distributed control systems. Luca is also a member of the NCCR automation. Welcome to DECODE!

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Welcome to Jean-Sébastien Brouillon

— Jean-Sébastien has just joined the group as a PhD student. He'll develop data-based algorithms for making electric networks greener and smarter. His work is supported by the NCCR Automation.

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Welcome to Mahrokh Ghoddousi

— Mahrokh is starting her PhD within our group. She is member of the NCCR Automation and she will work on an exciting project at the interface between distributed learning and control.

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The DECODE group gets bigger!

— Mahrokh, Luca, Andrea and Jean-Sébastien (from left to right in the picture) have just joined the DECODE group. A big welcome to all of them!

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Head of the group: Giancarlo Ferrari Trecate
Office: ME C2 398
Mail: [email protected]

Administration : Nicole Bouendin
Office : ME C2 389
Phone : +41 21 693 38 45
Fax : +41 21 693 2574
Mail : [email protected]

Dependable Control and Decision group (DECODE)
Laboratoire d’Automatique
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
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