Dependable Control and Decision Group

DECODE – Dependable Control and Decision Group

The DECODE (Dependable Control and Decision) group focuses on complex control systems, where coupling between subsystems, local sources of uncertainty, and structural changes can undermine reliability and generate dangerous behaviors. By leveraging tools from control theory, optimization, and machine learning, we contribute to the development of next-generation systems that are dependable, more autonomous and self adapt to changes in the internal dynamics and the surrounding environment.

The DECODE group is part of the EPFL Automatic Control Laboratory and the NCCR automation.

All software related to our publications is freely available on GitHub.

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Paper accepted at Grid Edge 2023

— Congratulations to Lisa Laurent for the acceptation of her semester project "Real-world estimation of distribution grid parameters" at the conference Grid Edge 2023. Find the preprint here.

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Daniele Martinelli has recently joined DECODE group

— Daniele has been doing an EEE summer internship and he is working on his master thesis at DECODE group.

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Luca Furieri awarded SNSF Ambizione grant: congratulations!

— Dr. Luca Furieri at EPFL’s School of Mechanical Engineering has been awarded an Ambizione grant for research at the intersection of machine learning and control theory. Congratulations on this achievement from all members of DECODE!

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Presentation at the 6th IEEE CCTA conference

— Our paper "Consensus-Based Current Sharing and Voltage Balancing in DC Microgrids With Exponential Loads" has been presented at the 6th IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Application in Trieste. Check here for the video!

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New PostDoc position in DECODE

— A PostDoc position is available within the Dependable Control and Decision group (DECODE) of EPFL (Switzerland) in the broad area of data-based control and learning. Candidates with a strong methodological background and motivated by research on theory and algorithms are encouraged to apply. More details can be found under Open Positions in the menu.

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Contractive neural networks are robust against noise

— Robust Classification using Contractive Hamiltonian Neural ODEs

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Shreyaa Raghavan joins the DECODE group

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Contractivity promotes robustness of neural networks

— On Robust Classification using Contractive Hamiltonian Neural ODEs

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New method for robust online joint state/input/parameter estimation

— Research on robust identification of electrical grid parameters lead us to devlop the AIRLS algorithm. It is an online method capable of tracking parameter changes in linear systems, even in the presence of noise and outliers in the measurements of all variables.

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Head of the group: Giancarlo Ferrari Trecate
Office: ME C2 398
Mail: [email protected]

Administration : Nicole Bouendin
Office : ME C2 389
Phone : +41 21 693 38 45
Fax : +41 21 693 2574
Mail : [email protected]

How to reach the DECODE group and the Laboratoire d’Automatique from the M2 metro station

Dependable Control and Decision group (DECODE)
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
ME C2 398 (Bâtiment ME) , Station 9 
CH-1015 Lausanne

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