Data-Driven Control of Microgrids


In this project a comprehensive data-driven distributed combined primary/secondary controller design method is proposed for microgrids. This method provides transient and steady-state performances, including power sharing and voltage and frequency restoration while guaranteeing stability for fixed communication delays. Measured data are directly used for controller design, and no knowledge of the model structure or the physical parameters of the grid is required.  All control specifications are formulated as frequency-domain constraints on the two-norm of weighted sensitivity functions. Then, using a recently developed frequency-domain robust control design method, a distributed fixed-structure controller is synthesised in one step. The performance of the obtained controller is validated using hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) experiments. The results show considerable improvement in transient performance while providing power sharing and voltage and frequency restoration with a distributed implementation.


  1. Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.


  2. Swiss National Science Foundation

Main Publications:

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