Vibration Control in Satellites


Novel-type high-precision optical instruments used in Earth observation missions require a very high pointing accuracy. Line-of-sight stability requirements constrain the admissible level of mechanical vibration on board spacecraft. Micro-disturbances are a phenomenon caused by onboard perturbation sources such as reaction wheels or cryocoolers. These disturbances can substantially degrade performance of sensitive payloads. In this project, we are developing a hybrid micro-disturbance isolation demonstrator with the objective to isolate a sensitive optical instrument from different micro-disturbance sources present on board spacecraft. The main objective is to mitigate accelerations at the payload interface carrying the instrument that requires stabilisation. A second objective concerns the study of strategies to mitigate perturbations emitted by the sensitive payload itself. Strategies to use the platform as insulator with respect to external and internal sources simultaneously will also be investigated in the scope of this project.


The projected is conducted in collaboration with CSEM in Neuchâtel and financial support from the European Space Agency as well as from Thales Alenia Space France.