Student projects

This page is for students currently enrolled in an EPFL bachelors or masters program.

Semester and master’s projects

Note: The following applies to students who are currently enrolled in an EPFL bachelors or masters program.

Yes, we offer semester, bachelors, and masters projects. There is no list of topics here since such a list tends to be always out of data.

If you are interested in a project with us, please send email to Christoph Koch.

In your email, please indicate which technical topics in computer science and/or data science you feel you like / you are strong at. (Example: “I took the Advanced Databases course and liked it, and would be interested in a project related to building and actual database system” or “I am interested in practical data science and in (distributed) systems. I liked building things using Spark in the Applied Data Science course”.)

External masters theses

We do advise external masters thesis projects, but we impose high standards on the project and the external advisor. Your advisor has to be an accomplished researcher (in an industry lab) and your project has to be work towards a scientific publication. We reserve the right to turn down advising such a thesis if we do not find success in the endeavour credible.