The DBToaster Project

General information

We develop aggressive compilation techniques for database query processing. In the DBToaster project, we specifically focus on realizing what we call agile views, which are queries whose results we continuously keep fresh and available as a database undergoes rapid change. Agile views have important applications in large-scale interactive data analysis, database and policy monitoring, Markov Chain Monte Carlo, and automated trading. Our techniques are based on highly efficient incremental query evaluation techniques. We are currently also working on a compiler for generating massively parallel data management systems based on lightweight components for data analysis in the cloud.

This is a joint project with Johns Hopkins University and SUNY Buffalo.

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Saddle-like, π-conjugated, cyclooctatetrathiophene-based, hole-transporting material for perovskite solar cells

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This project is supported by ERC grant 279804 ALGILE.