Lavaux, Switzerland: Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps landscape seen from Lavaux vineyard tarraces in Canton of Vaud (

New project on climate change impacts on Swiss crop suitability

— CHANGE has received funding from the E4S Center to evaluate climate-driven changes in crop suitability across Switzerland.

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Akash Koppa and Sebastián Vivero join CHANGE!

— As a Postdoc in the lab, Akash will work on the development of hybrid modeling farmeworks for ecohydrological applications. As a Technician, Sebastián will be in charge of setting up monitoring campaigns and conducting drone surveys across several field sites in Valais.

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Workshop explores similarities between cities and natural systems

— The workshop "Form and Function of Complex Systems" was held at EPFL on 13-15 September.

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ENAC Research Day 2023

— Francesca presented her work at the 2023 ENAC Research Day!

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— Workshop on "Numerical analysis, porous media and water resources: a fruitful contamination" (July 3-5 2023, Bari, Italy).

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FAO Event: Sustainably feeding 10 billion people in 2050

— A multidisciplinary science and innovation agenda for agrifood systems transformation.

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EPFL Open Days

— CHANGE Lab at the EPFL Open Days!

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CHANGE at EGU23 General Assembly

— Sara gave an invited talk and the lab was involved in several presentations and sessions at the EGU General Assembly in Vienna!

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Francesca Bassani joins CHANGE!

— As a Postdoc in the lab, Francesca will work on the development of a reduced order framework for the description of water, energy, and carbon dynamics in complex landscapes.

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Taiqi Lian joins the lab!

— As a PhD student in the lab, Taiqi will work on investigating the effects of climate and vegetation on landscape evolution dynamics.

The new building houses the Alpine and Polar Environmental Research Centre. © Olivier Maire

EPFL plans new research center in Valais on the energy transition

— Ten years after signing the agreement to open its Valais Wallis campus in Sion, today EPFL opened a new building on the campus: Alpole, which will serve as a research center on alpine and polar environments. EPFL also took the opportunity to unveil plans to create another research center in Sion – one focused on the energy transition – and has obtained preliminary approval from the Valais cantonal government.

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Six nominations and a promotion at ENAC School

— The Board of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology has announced the appointment of six news professors at ENAC School and promoted Associate Professor Rizlan Bernier-Latmani as Full Professor.

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