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Structured EigTool

Structured singular values and pseudospectra play an important role in assessing the properties of a linear system under structured perturbations. Structured Eigtool is a free Matlab interface for plotting structured pseudospectra. In particular, it supports the computation of real, skew-symmetric, Hermitian and Hamiltonian pseudospectra. Structured EigTool is heavily based on the EigTool [1] software package for plotting unstructured pseudospectra and inherits much of its interface.

Structured pseudospectra examples

Real pseudospectrum of the Demmel matrix

Skew-symmetric pseudospectrum of the Rump matrix

Download Structured Eigtool

seigtool.tar.gz, (beta version, August 2009)
This code is research code. If you find bugs, please let us know. If you publish a research paper using this code, we will appreciate if you cite the paper [3] describing our implementation.


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  3. M. Karow, E. Kokiopoulou and D. Kressner, On the computation of structured singular values and pseudospectra, submitted, August, 2009.


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