Prof. Dr. Bibhas Adhikari Exchange PhD student (at ETH Zurich) supported by ISBRI
Dr. Jonas Ballani Post-Doc, EPFL Fellow co-funded by Marie Skłodowska-Curie
Dr. Zvonimir Bujanovic Post-Doc
Dr. Cedric Effenberger PhD student (ETH Zurich / EPF Lausanne) supported by SNSF
Antoine Gautier Master thesis
Julien Hess Master thesis
Efthalia Karydi PhD exchange student supported by the Swiss Confederation
Dr. Effrosyni Kokiopoulou Post-Doc (at ETH Zurich)
Carolin Kraft Scientific assistant
Xin Liu PhD exchange student supported by CSC
Stephanie Luyet Master thesis
Francesco Mazzurco Master thesis
Dr. Agnieszka Miedlar Post-Doc supported by DFG
Manuel Nescher Master thesis (at EPF Lausanne/ETH Zurich)
Alejandro Ojeda Gonzalez Master thesis (at ETH Zurich)
Michael Peters Post-Doc
Dr. Martin Plesinger Post-Doc supported by SciEx (at ETH Zurich)
Dr. Meiyue Shao PhD student
Dr. Petar Sirkovic PhD student supported by SNSF
Filippo Spiga  
Michael Stadelmann Master thesis (at ETH Zurich)
Dr. Michael Steinlechner PhD student supported by SNSF
Dr. Christine Tobler PhD student (at ETH Zurich) supported by SNSF and Post-Doc (at EPF Lausanne)
Prof. Dr. André Uschmajew Post-Doc
Prof. Dr. Bart Vandereycken Post-Doc (at ETH Zurich/EPF Lausanne)
Daniel Vetter Master thesis (at ETH Zurich)
Rosanne Zerafa Internship (at ETH Zurich)
Yujie Zhang PhD exchange student supported by SSSTC
Marcel Schweizer Post-Doc
Robert Luce Post-Doc
Francisco Macedo PhD Student
Ana Susnjara PhD Student
Francesco Statti PhD Student
Stefano Massei
Katryn Lund
Junli Zhu PhD exchange student
Alice Cortinovis PhD Student
Yuxin Ma PhD exchange student
Christoph Strössner PhD Student
Ceruti Gianluca Post-Doc
Séguin Axel PhD Student



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January 2014

Summer 2012