• constr_tt.zip Small Matlab package containing the implementation of an algorithm for approximating the tensor involved in high-order correlation functions of Gaussian random fields. Requires the TT toolbox. Implemented by Christine Tobler. Please address comments or inquiries to Daniel Kressner.
  • chebapprox.tar.gz Matlab files from the paper [C. Effenberger and D. Kressner. Chebyshev interpolation for nonlinear eigenvalue problems. BIT, 52(4):933–951, 2012]. This method uses Chebyshev interpolation for solving nonlinear eigenvalue problems, with a particular focus on eigenvalue problems arising from the BEM discretization of 3D elliptic PDE eigenvalue problems. Run unitcubedemo.m and ficherademo.m first. The functions have been developed and tested with Matlab version 7.11. Implemented by Cedric Effenberger and Michael Steinlechner. Please address comments or inquiries to Daniel Kressner.
  • hosv.tar.gz Tiny Matlab package reproducing results from the paper Perturbation of higher-order singular values. Requires the Tensor Toolbox. Implemented by André Uschmajew and Daniel Kressner.
  • tensor_recursive.tar.gz Matlab functions reproducing results from the paper Recursive blocked algorithms for linear systems with Kronecker product structure. Tested with Matlab R2019A; requires at least R2018A. Implemented by Minhong Chen and Daniel Kressner.