EDAR Courses

PhD students enrolled in EDAR program must acquire 4 credits during the first twelve months of their doctoral studies and pass the candidacy exam at the end of this period.

Following a successful exam, you are admitted permanently to the preparation of your thesis which normally takes three years. In case of failing the exam, your second attempt must be made a success at the latest 15 months since your enrolment date. Another failure means exclusion from the doctoral school.

Doctoral program courses

The EDAR doctoral program offers to its PhD students compulsory courses (for 1st year PhD students) and optional courses (courses, doctoral weeks or seminars).

For 1st year PhD students – year of the Research Plan

Compulsory courses

  • Fall Semester : Introduction à la recherche 1 – Déployer une méthodologie (2 credits)
  • Spring Semester : Introduction à la recherche 2 – Construire un objet de recherche (2 credits)

CUSO doctoral programs : Direct access to CUSO (Conférence Universitaire de Suisse Occidentale)