EDAM Examples of manufacturing projects

Manufacturing is everywhere and ubiquitous in our daily life. All objects involve manufacturing and often, advanced manufacturing techniques benefiting from fundamental progress made in our understanding of sciences.

Research manufacturing is therefore highly multidisciplinary and integrates knowledge from various disciplines as diverse as material sciences, mechanics, computer sciences or physics in a broad sense.

In this section, we illustrate a few ongoing research projects at EPFL, from very applied to more fundamental, that aims toward more efficient manufacturing technique to fabricate the objects and tools of the future. These are just a few examples…

We highly encourage you to visit the website and pages of the school participants to appreciate the diversity of the field of manufacturing.

Intelligent Footwear for diabetic patients, insole magnetorheological valves for shoes.

Illustration of a laser morphing process used to manufacture highly accurate sphere starting from a 3D femtosecond laser machined cube.

Examples of three dimensional microstructures fabricated by femtosecond laser exposure and
chemical etching.
Multi-material fibers for health care, energy and smart textiles.
Using two-photon polymerization, this 3D micro pyramid was fabricated by propagating a femtosecond laser through a multimode optical fiber as thin as a couple of human hairs. The base and height of the micro pyramid are 100 and 50 µm respectively.
Illustration of additive manufacturing (3D printing) of a turbine blade with a newly proposed method for production of parts with increased fatigue life – 3D LSP

EDAM is a new doctoral program started early 2016. More illustrative examples will be posted soon. Stay tuned!