rebuiLT: Reversible & Low Tech construction

Low tech lab Lausanne

rebuiLT: Reversible & Low Tech construction

Have you ever throw out your kapla after destroying one of your structure ? Or did you use them again afterwards ? In the building industry, we throw out everything. Did you know that it is possible to take a 15 minutes shower with only 10 liters ? With the Low-Techs it’s possible.

Our project wants to apply the concept of Low-Tech and the re-use of components from building in deconstruction to provide a low-carbon and zero-waste habitat. Being comfortable while respecting the planetary limits. 

In order to achieve this goal, we need to reinvent the Low-Tech with respect to the urban contexte and the re-use complexity. The project has the following ambitions : 

  • Reusing components from a building in deconstruction close to EPFL
  • Create a Low Tech and dismantable demonstrator so it can be a house and then transform in a communitarian pavilion 
  • Adapt the Low-Tech concept to urban areas
  • Design and built low-techs
  • Implement the principles of circular economy to a real scale project 

The upcoming milestones: 

  • Summer 2022: Identification and recuperation of components from the building 
  • Winter 2022/23: Exhibition “Low-Tech in urban areas”
  • Summer 2023: Building of the demonstrator “Circular Habitat”
  • Summer 2024: Dismantling and building of the demonstrator “Communitarian pavilion”

The project is only starting, the options are numerous and diverse, so if you’re interested by the low-tech approach, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Main contact point for students : [email protected] 

EPFL Coordinator : Michka Mélo (VPT)

Academic Responsible : Professor Corentin Fivet (Xploration Lab)