Re-use and low tech in urban areas

Low tech lab Lausanne

Re-use and low tech in urban area

Have you ever throw out your kapla after destroying one of your structure ? Or did you use them again afterwards ? In the building industry, we throw out everything. Did you know that it is possible to take a 15 minutes shower with only 10 liters ? With the Low-Techs it’s possible.

Our project wants to apply the concept of Low-Tech and the re-use of components from building in deconstruction to provide a low-carbon and zero-waste habitat. Being comfortable while respecting the planetary limits. 

In order to achieve this goal, we need to reinvent the Low-Tech with respect to the urban contexte and the re-use complexity. The project has the following ambitions : 

  • Reusing components from a building in deconstruction close to EPFL
  • Create a Low Tech and dismantable demonstrator so it can be a house and then transform in a communitarian pavilion 
  • Adapt the Low-Tech concept to urban areas
  • Design and built low-techs
  • Implement the principles of circular economy to a real scale project 

The upcoming milestones: 

  • Summer 2022: Identification and recuperation of components from the building 
  • Winter 2022/23: Exhibition “Low-Tech in urban areas”
  • Summer 2023: Building of the demonstrator “Circular Habitat”
  • Summer 2024: Dismantling and building of the demonstrator “Communitarian pavilion”

The project is only starting, the options are numerous and diverse, don’t hesitate to contact us or fill out this form if you want to know more !


Main contact point for students : Alexis Channel

EPFL Coordinator : Michka Mélo (VPT)

Academic Responsible : Professor Corentin Fivet (Xploration Lab)